A nostalgic remedy – be lost in the smooth sounds of Arsun Sorrenti’s newest single ‘Lay Me down’

Why don’t you seem to understand.

Baby, I just want to be your man.
And no matter where we stand.
Baby I just want to be your man.


He plays those familiar sounds, the ones well beyond his years. Singer-songwriter Arsun Sorrenti releases his latest single to touch our hearts, Lay Me Down.

At such a young age, Arsun is resurrecting that sorely missed classic vintage rock era of music reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. A tinge of nostalgia runs through of a familiar sound when listening to Lay Me Down.

The soulful track begins on a haunting organ and soft drum beat, already breaking our hearts before Sorrenti beings on his pleading vocals. His strong piercing sound drawing heavy influences from iconic rock legends.



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A teaser film clip to accompany the song was also dropped by Arsun via his Instagram. The intimate black and white montage opens to a close up shot of Arsun singing his pleas with a single microphone stand in front while playing his guitar. Simply dressed in a layered short sleeve shirt, t-shirt and jeans, the clip was lensed by of course his father and famed fashion photographer and director Mario Sorrenti. The strong and familiar connection captured between father and son.

Growing up in New York City, more specifically the Bronx, Arsun was born into a family of creative photographers. We caught up with the then model and skateboarder for the first time in our Paradising issue.

Having been raised on the rock era of the 60s through to the 90s, Arsun notes, “… I think the moment I started getting a real idea of my sound is when I started listening to the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan really heavily. It really changed the way I play guitar and write music.” These iconic influences strongly noted and welcomely present in the incredible sounds of his latest single.

You can listen to Lay Me Down on all streaming services and be sure to catch our full shoot and interview with the young star here.


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