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Escaping with Jil Sander

There’s something about black and white. It transports us to a place that is otherworldly yet familiar, imbued with a feeling of home. Jil Sander’s Spring Summer 2019 campaign evokes this same sensation through its poignant and mesmerising short film. At two and a half minutes long, the short portrays various scenes backdropped with classic Japanese landscapes and interiors. Sitting in the onsen, wandering the Japanese streets and catching the bullet train has never looked more chic than when in Jil Sander. Through a filmic aesthetic, montage and collage help weave together a story of liminality, exploration and escape simultaneously; amplified by the haunting soundscape accompanying the short.

Designers Luke and Lucie Meier have taken Jil Sander’s iconic identity to another level, with their third ready-to-wear runway season a minimal and classic collection that with welcome lashings of experimentation. Uniformity is a key motif, with monochrome, pant and skirt suits adding a sense of sincerity and melancholy to the short. With astounding camera work and beautifully composed stills etched into our minds, the scene reappears as soon as we close our eyes.