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ERTH SWIM is the label sustainable shoppers need to know about


Introducing the new last word in sustainable swimwear. ERTH SWIM.

It's a label and brainchild of Nicole Trunfio. A brand designed not just to minimise its impact on the planet, but to actively reduce the human effect on the environment.

Ever an Australian girl, Trunfio has a deep affinity for the ocean. Her love for lazy beach days and swimming lives on.

But the oceans she loves are being destroyed by waste. Plastic bottles, debris and abandoned fishing nets pollute the seas and harm our marine life. ERTH SWIM set out to help in the clean up process.

A luxe brand, ERTH SWIM has used high-quality fabrics in its designs. But these particular fabrics are made from 100% regenerated and regenerable nylon econyl yarn. ERTH SWIM is pulling rubbish from the sea and turning it into something chic and wearable - quite literally cleaning our seas one swimsuit at a time.


"When designing swim, I had two things in mind: being body conscious, complimenting the female form and simultaneously leaving as little impact on the planet as possible," writes Trunfio.

She also felt there was a gap in the market for timeless, shapewear-inspired swimwear - and pieces that can we worn with denim of course.

Thus ERTH SWIM was born. You only need to look through a few of the pieces to see that the designs are exactly what Trunfio promises. Elegant, wearable, decidedly sexy and designed to flatter the female form.

ERTH SWIM pieces are classic. They're the must-have staples you've been searching for but could never find. With currently nine pieces in the range and they've been designed to mix-and-match - in colours of Midnight and Nero.

And just in case you were concerned that these wouldn't stand up to the test of barrelling waves and Australian sand, you should know these pieces have indeed been designed to actually swim in. They're sand resistant and shape retentive, so you can wear them all summer long.

All styles are made ethically for women by women in Bali and greater Indonesia using micro recycled polyamide. And naturally the packaging is also eco-friendly, both recycled and bio-degradable.


Trunfio says that staying sustainable was always her first goal. "Most importantly, while in this creation process, I wanted to prioritise the health of the very oceans we swim in and our planet overall," she writes.

Come summer, we know what we'll be wearing in the waves.

ERTH SWIM is available for purchase online. Keep your gaze close, more styles are soon to follow and we can't wait.