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Looking for a new Australian jewellery brand to covet? Let us introduce you to EREDE

A piece of jewellery can be tasteful to the eyes, transcendence in time, and emit elegance like no other form. To place a memory or value into a piece of jewellery, defies all trends as they become extensions of ourselves. Rich in nostalgia and charm, the narrative for jewellery continues to be embraced and converged into the ethical craftsmanship and responsible luxury through the emergence of jewellery brand, EREDE. Designed in a reverence of beauty, EREDE ground their inspiration from the refined glamour of the art-deco era and robust properties of modern architecture.

Lifelong friends Talia Shuvalov and Jeramie Hotz came together as co-founders, driven by their unwavering appreciation for fine jewellery. EREDE's designs and story are centred on the concept of focusing our gaze on the intrinsic worth of every jewellery piece, both physically and its sentimentality. EREDE have not only mastered timelessness but prioritised the use of recycled materials as a part of their dedicated commitment to an ethical future for the sparkling desires within life.

The harmonisation between modern delicateness and historic sentimentality in EREDE shine through, that there is something so alluring and nostalgic about wearing EREDE, a familiarity to it that makes their novelties just that bit more unique.

Here Talia Shuvalov and Jeramie Hotz speak to RUSSH exclusively to introduce EREDE.

How did both your upbringings in fashion households shape your passions for design today?

Jeramie: Talia and I share remarkably similar upbringings deeply rooted in the world of fashion, and these formative experiences have undeniably shaped our passions for design today. Both our parents found success in the rag trade, and it's fascinating to note that our mothers were not just creatively inclined but genuinely exceptional in their respective fields.

My mother, an esteemed Textile Designer, and Talia’s mother, an amazing knitwear designer, had a profound influence on us. It's quite an amusing side note that my father and Talia’s mother dated, a charming twist of fate that further binds our friendship. My journey in fashion began when I pursued luxury brand management studies at the Polimoda school. Upon returning to Sydney, my creative path truly took off, marked by my tenure at RUSSH magazine during an exciting era, working with Charlotte Scott, Tamila Purvis, and Kym Ellery.

Today, creativity remains an integral part of my life. I collaborate with my husband, Industrial Designer David Caon, in running his business, delving into the fascinating world of niche industrial design.


Talia: I left Australia at the age of 22, where I briefly worked as a knitwear designer in Sydney and studied at UTS before relocating to London. There, I secured an internship at Alexander McQueen, which later transitioned into a freelance position. Fuelled by my determination to learn and be mentored by industry-leading creative minds, I pursued a Master’s of Fine Arts in Fashion and Society at Parsons the New School in New York. This program, spearheaded by Shelley Fox and Donna Karan, specialised in knitwear and delved into the influence of the fashion world on society.

Before completing my master's degree, I assumed the role of Head of Knitwear at Narciso Rodriguez. Subsequently, I was recruited by Alexander Wang to lead his knitwear team and drive business growth. Over the years, I gained valuable experience in knitwear working for renowned companies such as Alexander Wang, Dion Lee, and Area NYC. Eventually, my role expanded into creative direction when Alex Wang entrusted me with overseeing all creative departments, including RTW Womens, Mens, Denim, Knitwear, Jewelry, Handbags, and Footwear.

Both Jeramie and I share a common upbringing in fashion households, which instilled in us a deep love for creativity and design. This shared bond continues to inspire and drive us in our respective creative journeys.

How did both your journeys in design lead to the creation of co-founding and designing EREDE?

Talia: My venture into creative direction marked my initial step into designing jewellery and delving into archival research.

This experience rekindled a deep sense of nostalgia for my grandmother's jewellery and the meaningful conversations I had with my mom about the history behind those cherished pieces. During this time, both Jeramie and I became engrossed in jewellery research, meticulously examining estate sales and poring over archival books to unearth connections and common threads in our unique design aesthetics.

In truth, I had been involved in designing jewellery for quite some time, collaborating with skilled jewellers to reset heirloom pieces that had been handed down to me. However, I hadn't initially considered it as a creative outlet.

Jeramie's background in fashion production, her distinctive style, and her keen eye for exquisite vintage jewellery, coupled with my experience in design and creative direction, laid a solid foundation for the aesthetic language we were eager to explore.


Jeramie: Our drive stemmed from the desire to offer jewellery pieces that were modern yet nostalgic in aesthetics and innovative in approach.

We identified a gap in the lab-grown diamond industry where most people focused solely on larger stones at a cheaper price point, overlooking its potential for creating a new category of collectible, precious fine jewellery. For us, value derives from the memories and experiences associated with our jewellery. We utilise lab-grown diamonds not only to democratise luxury collectibles but also to highlight the innovation and authenticity of these stones.

Our broader goal is to redefine the very essence of preciousness and luxury, all while remaining conscious of our environmental impact.

How did the name EREDE come about?

The name "EREDE" was carefully chosen to reflect the essence and values of our brand.

In Italian, "EREDE" means "legacy" or "inheritance," symbolising the idea of passing down something valuable from one generation to the next. Our brand represents timeless beauty, encapsulating the sentiment that our jewellery pieces are meant to be cherished and treasured for generations.


Why did vintage jewellery inspire your collaborations in EREDE, what else has inspired your designs?

We cherish the heirlooms from our grandmothers, pieces passed down through generations. Both of our grandmothers had unique tastes in jewellery, favouring architectural and chunky pieces.

These treasures are still a part of our collection, worn and cherished to this day. Our journey into fine jewellery design has been heavily influenced by our profound appreciation for vintage pieces. As we build a brand focused on elevated, enduring, and ethical design, we find it essential to pay homage to the craftsmanship of the past and share our inspirational sources with our clients. Furthermore, the pivotal functions of hinges and articulation, integral to both escalators and jewellery, serve as a wellspring of inspiration for our creations. We seamlessly integrate these mechanical concepts into our designs, enabling our pieces to move gracefully with the wearer, symbolising the harmonious fusion of innovation and artistry in our jewellery.


Why and how is sustainability a big focus in designing your pieces?

Sustainability isn't a focus for us; it's a fundamental requirement in today's society.

We prioritise sustainability in our design process because we recognise the imperative to minimise our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future. Designers have been using recycled gold for some time. However, we have chosen to pair it with lab-grown diamonds to represent the future of sustainable and ethical fine jewellery, revolutionising the industry with environmentally friendly and socially responsible production methods. We source our diamonds from ethically certified labs and manufacture our jewellery in New York with jewellers who share our vision for reducing the environmental footprint.


Fine jewellery plays a role in personal expression, how does EREDE contribute to this narrative.

EREDE's fusion of architectural and Art Deco inspirations, along with our dedication to lab-grown diamonds, provides a unique platform for personal expression. Our pieces not only reflect the past but also pave the way for a more sustainable and meaningful future, allowing individuals to express themselves with both style and conscience.

Our EREDE collection items can be layered, mixed, and matched, enabling wearers to style unique combinations that resonate with their individuality. We offer the majority of our earrings as individual pieces and pairs, allowing clients to not only mix and match styles but also different alloys. We love to see people experimenting with combinations of white gold and yellow gold within our collections. The EREDE collection, along with our curated vintage selection, provides our clients with a complete jewellery wardrobe, enabling wearers to blend timeless pieces with more contemporary designs.

To us, discovering the art of styling connections and harmony between vintage and modern fine jewellery is the ultimate means of personal expression in the realm of accessories.


What pieces are you wearing the most at the moment from EREDE?

Jeramie: Typically layer a few earrings, including the hinged three drops, diamond clamps, and hinged hoops. I change their positions daily and experiment with styling, but it's always a combination of these. I enjoy wearing the hinged collar with a crisp white shirt or a plain tee, and I also love to layer the diamond bracelet with a vintage watch or bangle or wear it on its own.

Talia: Frequently I wear two or three hinged pave rings simultaneously, and I especially love layering one or two with my engagement ring as they provide the perfect setting for my stone. The combination of half pave and solid gold creates a captivating geometric illusion when stacked together. I like to mix yellow and white gold rings for a striking contrast.For everyday wear, I choose the diamond clamps or hinged hoops. However, when wearing tailoring or a favourite blazer, I love enhancing my look with the hinged three-drop or four-drop earrings.


What goals do you see for EREDE in 2024?

In 2024, our goal for EREDE is to secure B Corp certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Furthermore, our objectives encompass expanding our product line, reaching a broader audience of conscious consumers, and consistently pushing the boundaries of lab-grown and fine jewellery design. It is of paramount importance to us to reshape the narrative surrounding lab-grown diamonds, encouraging the industry to recognise their potential as equally precious stones and to drive innovation within the realm of fine jewellery and collectibles.


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