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Emma Jarman: A Love Letter


Writing this, and reflecting upon this experience, I am overwhelmed by what an adventure, and a testament to our love, it has been. It’s almost impossible to put into words just how profound this period has been for me, but for you I’ll try my best.

For as long as I’ve known you, I’ve wanted more of you. Cloning not yet feasible, having your baby was the closest I could come.

This child is a distillation of our love. He carries your essence, ensuring that the love we share is not just preserved, but will carry on beyond our existence. Our baby boy, and the other children we’re lucky enough to create, will be living proof of this love we share. If our son assumes even half of your nature, he – and the world – will be so lucky.

I can imagine some might find my sentimentality overwhelming, but this is my truth – I never wanted a baby for the sake of having a child: I wanted your baby, more of you. I can’t wait to meet our son. I can’t wait to meet you as a father.

I’ve had a beautiful pregnancy – one that I know not all women are fortunate enough to experience. The morning sickness, the hormonal changes, and the transformations my body has undergone have prepared me for a life of growth and challenge as mother. Each moment, each sensation, has been a testament to the strength and resilience of the female body. And this journey has made me feel powerful in ways I never imagined.

The pregnant body is a source of strength, one that has reshaped the way I see myself. It’s opened up possibilities, allowing me to dive deeper into myself, embrace my womanhood, and deeply appreciate the power of creation. I am grateful for the gift of this experience, and to be navigating it with you.

The natural world has always had a powerful pull over us, and I’m in awe at the role it’s played in this journey – connecting us to the circle of life in the most intimate way. There’s something immensely powerful about knowing that a new life is being created within me.

Creating this life is the closest thing I have to a miracle. That, and you – the still, calm centre of gravity in my world.

With all my love, Emma

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