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We are family: E.L.V. Denim launches its new campaign

Sustainable denim brand, E.L.V. Denim, has launched its new campaign, #ELVfamily - a tribute to the people they cherish, including everyone from their first client to first fashion assistant.

Founder and creative director Anna Foster was inspired by those close to her, including her supportive family and mentors who have supported the brand since its conception.

The campaign is built around the principle of sharing each other’s clothes, especially denim, which is made to last and can be handed down from generation to generation. As each E.L.V piece is made from discarded vintage jeans, no two pairs are the same which is why every person featured in the campaign has their own unique style and personality.

Operating from an ideal of sustainability, the entire collection is manufactured in East London to minimise waste, reduce water and decrease their carbon footprint. Every piece of denim used in production has zero impact on the environment and gives a second life to a fabric which sadly would otherwise would be destined for landfill. The team at E.L.V believe that by creating a a sustainable alternative, you’ll have an extra reason to choose jeans that are both fit and fair.

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