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Elle Musa latest EP ‘sun, sun, sun’ is pure bliss

Brisbane multi-disciplinary alt-pop artist Elle Músa has released her latest EP and it is distilled joy in a recording.

sun, sun, sun is a record of five tracks each more joyful than the last, filled with vivid imagery and whimsical lyricism. It's an EP designed to transport you to paradise: a sunny spot far from here where the breeze is warm and the days are long. Músa inspires us to dream, her coalescing collection of songs invites listeners on a journey to rest, relaxation and smiles.

She says: "sun, sun, sun was created sporadically over a couple of years, with some songs being written on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Portugal and Bali. I am always writing about love. Love for the simple pleasures of life, for the sun and sea and for people closest to me. Each song should be a little holiday for the mind and soul. Always by the sea and always under the sun. These songs are authentically me... revealing my fears, my naive self, my love of romance, my love of the ocean and my tendency to sway towards the mystic and the spiritual. I write music to help soothe my heart and to lift my spirits.. I really hope my music can do the same for its listeners."

sun, sun, sun includes a curation of four of Músa old favourites, Bibi's Bay, Merman, Geminis and Mango Pops. As for the fifth track, it's new single Coco Honey You And I. It's a track that shares her love for art in all its forms, and one that shares her desire to explore new sonic influences.

The release of the EP comes alongside the official music video for Coco Honey You And I. Watch the video below.

Elle Músa's EP sun, sun, sun is out now, available to listen on selected streaming platforms.


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Image: Elle Músa

Photographs by @alyas.eyes 
Film by @aegis__studios