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The homewares on the ‘RUSSH’ editors’ minds this month

It may be the cooler weather that's bringing a warm and comfortable home to the front of our minds – who knows? But there is nothing quite like the feeling of browsing for pieces that will make your safe space feel more inviting, homely and ultimately, yours.

Come along with the RUSSH team, as we ogle over some amazing homewares we would love to bring home. After all, with adulthood comes the innate responsibility to indulge in all things interiors. Think furniture, candles, glassware and art; we're here to help you lean into that soft new couch (literally).


Phoebe Holden


My Tekla bathrobe didn’t make it to Sydney, she was as beautiful as she was heavy so my big sister adopted that alongside my Matt Sinclair painting. Both of these items are on my mind and the robe is in desperate need, I love this one from HAY for something a bit lighter. I spied Palm Beach Houses by Shirley Johnston recently and immediately purchased from Booktopia, this was both a blessing and a curse as now my wishlist is infinitely longer. Forever on that list is a piece by Nick Herd, one of Claudia Kogachi's horses and pretty much anything designed by Simon James. Having moved just recently we are yet to buy quality wine glasses, my eye is on these from Royal Doulton and I want to get this for our weekly grocery shop.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

My bedroom’s book stack is getting precariously tall, and I’ve been eyeing off this Storey Bookcase from Living Edge as an investment piece. And of course, I’m never not thinking about this USM Haller Media 02 console. Outside of furniture, I’m in need of new cutlery – specifically I’m eyeing off the No. 22 Home Gold Cutlery Set which is the nicer version of my well-used set from Target six years ago. Bottega Veneta released their first candle range recently, and their Lantern Glaze Candle is so beautiful – really reminds me of a Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkins. And now that the weather is getting colder and my hot drink intake is rising, I’m really in the market for a good KeepCup (I fear I may have left my beloved one back in Brisbane when I moved).


Stacey Gaskin

Consumer Revenue Manager

I’ve been holding out from buying any new furniture after moving into our renovator a few months ago. Reason being – we need to install new timber flooring in most areas of our home and I wanted to avoid needing to move everything out of the house in order to do so. So here I sit, in a relatively empty house (not to say I’m unhappy about being a minimalist), itching for warmth in decor and furniture. Floors are still a while away yet, so I think I will just pull the trigger and deal with the consequences later. The living room would be the space needing the most love and I would fall to my knees (comfortably, I might add) for this Willow Armadillo rug. Nestled on the rug, I see this gorgeous green 1977 King Living sofa enhancing the character of my 80s home.

Moving onto some smaller homewares, I have been thinking of this pitcher from Waterford for some time, as well as this stunning vintage Matthew Larwood vase.

Lastly, I need to repurchase my favourite Ode Studio candle, and I want to try Hommey’s new bedding. This coconut colour sheet set with striped pillow cases looks oh, so comfy.


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

I need new plates and cups. My partner and I are both notoriously clumsy and unfortunately, we had a few incidents this entertaining season that mean we’re now down to three coffee mugs and three side plates in our six-piece sets. We really like the coffee mugs we had before they broke, so we’re going to buy the same set from Royal Doulton. They perfectly fit one long coffee from our machine. As for side plates, I adore these Italian-style pieces from No. 22. I think I’m also going to get a green tablecloth to match. I swear tablecloths are essential for entertaining. It means you don’t need to worry about spills and you can throw it in the wash after. Easy. I have this Cultiver iteration in the grey colour and I think the green one will be a lovely addition. Finally, because it’s my favourite, a top up of the Ecoya French Pear candle is also on my list. I’ve probably bought it five or six times at this point.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

I love to use big, hardcover coffee table books as decor on any surface, not just my coffee table. As a photographer I gravitate to photography books that can transport me to another world. Always on the hunt, I am thinking of adding either Man Ray’s Liberating Photography hardcover or this book about 19th Century photography in Japan. Aside from books, I also like to dress up my bathroom with a fresh colourway of bath towels every year or so. Loving how these sky blue ones will pair with my white and yellow bathroom tiles; so sunny! And lastly, my little puppy has unfortunately chewed a couple of holes in my current bedroom rug. Now that she has grown out of chewing, its time to replace it… cue this luxurious number! Maybe I’ll remove the bed altogether and just sleep on the rug?


Talisa Sutton

Brand Art Director

I’m slowly transforming my home into a neutral space (goodbye grey carpet!), and with it, I’m always looking at new accents to compliment our colour palette and style. I would love a new rug for our dining area, and this Jute style by Armadillo is durable enough to use in a high-traffic space. I’ll also be investing in some additional Hommey boucle cushions to add texture and comfort to our sofa.
Our Place has changed how we approach cooking in our house - I love my perfect pot & always pan so much that I now have my eye on this mini griddle pan, ideal for baking. Speaking of cooking, this Smeg mixer has been on my wishlist for the longest time. My five-year-old daughter is currently obsessed with baking (her no. 1 request on weekends), so this feels like perfect timing.
I can’t help but start dreaming of next summer, seeing friends start to pack for Europe vacations. These outdoor chairs from Tigmi are exactly what I want for our poolside deck. On the theme of summer, I also love Gabrielle Penfold's beautiful paintings of Sydney’s beaches. This work is a particular favourite, and the tones pair back so nicely with our interiors.


Hannah Cooper

Executive Fashion Director

My big home obsessions at the moment are books, kitchen and lighting. Lighting is so important to a room and we are strictly a lamp or soft overhead lighting kinda family. I’m extremely into Ingo Maurer, two on my list are this pendant light from Space Furniture which would be so beautiful in my tonal bedroom, it’s my calming sanctuary; and in my book room (which I hesitate to call a library because it also triples as the laundry folding room and home office), I’m loving this vintage Ingo from ebay.

Every time I travel I bring home a suitcase of art and fashion books, but when I’m home I have a few places I love to buy from including Cross Art and Books which is definitely the best second hand book store in Sydney. 

Kitchen pieces I am loving are the entire stainless steel range from KitchenAid, anything from Gohar World, I just bought this tablecloth, and loving these postmodern utensils from ebay


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

I’ve finally hit an age where it feels acceptable to be spending money on impractical homewares and I’m over the moon about it. What’s going to make me really happy are pieces that show off my personality, the brighter and quirkier the better.

With that spirit in mind I’m ready to take the plunge with these David Shrigley Salt & Pepper Shakers that I’ve had my eye on for years. I think they’re so fun and there’s only a small window where I can display them proudly before my niece is old enough to read and I have to hide them away for fear she might ask what they mean (and then report back to my sister).

I’m buying art at every available opportunity in the hopes that I gather enough pieces to create a gallery wall in my bedroom. This Ronan Bouroullec print will be the centre piece once I get around to framing it. Drawing 19 and Drawing 27 are also divine and might have to come home with me one day soon.

I was gifted a beautiful orange glass wine decanter for my 30th and these wine glasses from No. 22 Home are the perfect accompaniment. Pair with some truly statement (and very fun) chunky plates from Gustaf Westman and I might never want to eat out again.


Karen Leong

Digital Writer

As Patrick Süskind said in Perfume, “He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men.” I’m transposing this practice into my own bedroom. I love fragrances that manage to capture a halting memory, so I would love to add candle assortments to my collection after the destinations that have stolen my heart. We Met in Saigon for a zingy, aerated burst in the morning, and Fireside at Queenstown to thaw my icy nights.

I’ll also need MUJI socks for my icier soles, a fluffy, marshmallow robe for cosmopolitan comfort, and a crock pot for all my soup experimentation needs. With a few of my nifty things,  I might just be able to survive Sydney Winter.


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor in Chief

Recently my obsession is a filthy martini, on weekends only of course. So I have been searching for a Martini glass I love, as there are only so many times you can use a glass cup… and I am in love with Maison Balzac’s one- it even has a glass olive in it. And my favourite flowers are in season too! Poppy’s and Tulips, and so I must make the most out of this season and purchase another vase to put my Poppy’s in- I need something thin and tall so they don’t flop, and also found these beautiful coloured glass vases from Maison Balzac. And ever since I visited the pop up store for TSU LANGE YOR, I really would love their oil burner, so beautiful- quite literally a piece of art and practical.




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