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All the best Easter gift ideas from delicious chocolate treats to unique surprises

It's late March and the palpable, arid heat of yet another Australian summer gone by is slowly bleeding into a blissful and balmy early autumn. While we relish in the crisp morning air and we gaze forward into the weeks ahead, April tempts us with the promise of a month brimming with languid long weekends and public holidays, and with it, the gathering of our nearest and dearest around adorned dinner tables and scorching backyard barbecues. We can almost hear the sounds of sputtering snags on the grill and the clinking of champagne glasses in the kitchen, can almost taste the nostalgia and incomparable richness of a home-cooked meal.

The Easter long weekend, whether celebrated as a traditionally holy holiday, or simply as an excuse to indulge in some much-needed time off accompanied by a frankly lavish amount of chocolate, can prove uninspiring when it comes to gift giving. While the humble chocolate bunny often takes pride of place at the heart of the day's celebrations, we're often left with an apparent lack of gift ideas for those in our circles less confection-inclined (or perhaps if that person is you).

So, whether you're still detoxing from the aftertaste of your overzealous Christmas and New Year holiday diet, or if chocolate is just not really your thing, we've penned a list of some gift ideas to have in hand for the upcoming Easter long weekend, or for whenever you might need some unique gifting inspiration.


Soft Edge N°015 Sunny Side Up Cup


Phaidon Cook Book


Lune Hot Cross Cruffins


Baina Solitary Set 08 Towels


L'Occitane Almond Easter Basket

Jardan Lila Table Cloth



HAY Rey Chair


Me and You by Big Scary Vinyl


Acne Scarf


Notwasted Wine


Non Private Underwear


Dos Ombre Bengali Bag


Koko Black Espresso Martini & Little Bunnies Hamper


Isobel Beech Sunbathing Book


Bess Paddington Bouqet


Royal Doulton Coffee Studio French Press

T2 Egg Hunt Gift Pack



Vanfall Glass Jug by Jun Kuramoto


Lee Matthews Florentina Shirt


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