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Dyson promises fewer flyaways with its latest hair dryer attachment

dyson flyaway smoother

Dyson is never one to rest on its laurels. Always innovating, the company has taken its oldest tool – the Supersonic hair dryer – and expanded its already formidable repertoire. On August 3, the beloved brand announced a new attachment for the Supersonic hair dryer. It's called the Flyaway Smoother attachment and as the name suggests, it's designed to target flyaways and smooth the appearance of hair. If this sounds like it's up your alley, below we bring you everything to know about the Flyaway Smoother attachment for your Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

How is this different from the existing flyaway attachment?

For starters, the Flyaway Smoother is the first brush attachment created for the Supersonic hair dryer. If you've been a fan of Dyson and it's hair-related products like the popular Airwrap multi-styler for some time now, the design will be familiar to you. What sets this click-on attachment apart from the preexisting Supersonic flyaway attachment is the addition of soft bristles which are an asset when styling at home.

How does the attachment work?

The way it works is simple. There are two settings; one will take your hair from damp to smooth and straight, while the other employs Dyson's Coanda technology to gently curve hair around the attachment's barrell surface, collecting stray hair strands and tucking them into place. The result is a neat and glossy bed of hair with a polished quality. Yes, please!

Is there an Australian release date?

At this point in time, there's no word on an Australian release date. However, the Flyaway Smoother attachment is currently available overseas in the US as a separate purchase to the Supersonic. In any case, we'll be sitting patiently waiting on this addition to hit the selves. It's not the first time Dyson has expanded our styling capabilities at home and our salon-worthy tresses are all the more grateful for it. So hold tight, help is on the way.

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