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Dyson’s latest hair product is the secret to the smoothest hair at home

The latest in intriguing hair news, Dyson has launched its latest hair product. It's called the Flyaway Attachment and it's here to help you smoothly style your hair without a brush.

Styling your hair at home is typically a one-way ticket to Dead-Arm City. Holding a brush at a backwards angle in one hand while manoeuvring a hairdryer in the other is an art that many of us are yet to master. And even if you have, getting your locks styled perfectly and flyaway-free is a challenge, especially when working through the back sections.

Enter Dyson's latest hair innovation - the Flyaway Attachment. It's a simple creation - a small, grey attachment that connects to Dyson's Supersonic Hair Dryer. But it completely changes the way you use your hair dryer. How, you ask? Well, it eliminates the need for a brush when finishing a blow dry.


How does the Flyaway Attachment work?

This is Dyson, so of course this is no ordinary hair dryer attachment. It uses the brand's special technology called the Coanda Effect. This is the same technology that powers Dyson's answer to the curling wand - the Airwrap. The Coanda Effect occurs when a jet of air close to a surface tends to bend around that surface. In the case of the Airwrap curling attachments and now the Flyaway Attachment, jets of air are shot out of a slit in a barrel. This air then curves or sticks around the barrel, taking you hair with it.


The Flyaway Attachment, of course, does not wrap your hair like the Airwrap. Instead, it holds hair around a larger curved surface, one that replicate the size and effect of a hair stylist blow dry brush. So, the Flyaway Attachment acts as both brush and dryer, allowing you to finish a hair style without needing to section and individually smooth your locks.

As you glide the Flyaway Attachment over your hair, it attracts and lifts the longer hairs to the front, while pushing and taming shorter and pesky flyaway hairs to the back.


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How do you use the Flyaway Attachment?

Unlike some of Dyson's other hair innovations, the Flyaway Attachment is designed to be used on dry hair. It is the way to finish off and smooth our your hair. Once you've washed, dried and styled your hair as you please, the Flyaway Attachment is the final step, the finishing and smoothing touch you'd get from your stylist at a salon.


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The attachment connects easily to the Supersonic Hair Dryer - not that it doesn't work with other hairdryers. Pop it on and twist. Then you'll just need to turn your Supersonic on as you normally would. Presto, brush-free styling.

Dyson's Styling Ambassador in Australia, Renya Xydis describes the Attachment as her new secret weapon: “Unlike some conventional attachments, you control the tool, it doesn’t control you! The engineering behind the Coanda effect makes it so much easier to achieve salon standard smoothness. You’ll look like you’ve stepped out of the salon from the ease of your bathroom – yet another game changer from Dyson.”


Where and when you can buy the Flyaway Attachment?

The Flyaway Attachment is available from August 5 2021 at You can buy it separately, or if you're buying a Supersonic, it will be included in your attachment set.

Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care category director said of the newest innovation: “Our engineers are driven to rethink convention and our obsession with airflow led us to push the potential of Coanda after observing how stylists use a ‘brush and blow dryer’ technique to smooth flyaways. Traditionally, this skilled technique involves the stylist using a round brush to section and manage the hair, whilst directing airflow from the dryer to push the flyaways into the style and out of sight. We set out to find a way to innovate a way to mechanise this method for the everyday styler. The new Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment harnesses the phenomenon of Coanda to smooth flyaways out of sight, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage.”


To help bring the Flyaway Attachment to life, Dyson engineers gathered more than 1.14 billion pieces of professional styling data. These engineers captured this from over 10,000 hours of professional stylist trials and monitoring more than 420 stylists across 80 salons around the world. It was through these experiences that the engineers learned that the round brush and blow dry smoothing technique stylists use in salon was hard to replicate at home. And many self-stylers were instead turning to higher heat alternatives like straighteners to get that smooth finish. Finding a solution to easy smoothing, without the extra heat was the latest hair problem the engineers sought to solve. Thus the Flyaway Attachment was born.


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