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A look inside Dion Lee’s futuristic Fall 2022 fittings

Hedonism, futurism, and dystopia. These are the words we used to describe Dion Lee's Fall 2022 collection, which took place in an expansive warehouse space in Brooklyn during the middle of NYFW. It was all deconstruct-able elements and layers tangled into more layers, thin enough that the bodies charging down the runway still had most of their mobility intact. Skirts were slashed to the upper thighs and clad with carpenter pockets, while skin-tight knitwear was woven into itself to bring texture into the slinky tank tops we all know so well.

This is where Lee's appeal lies: a slew of silhouettes plucked directly from the club scene and reinterpreted with polish and consideration. If one were to party hard enough in one of his white ribbed hooded skivvies, or, say, a slinky tank top that even when pared back to its bare bones is slicked with sex, it would resemble its origin story. But for those who prefer to simply dip their toes into a sub-culture that is so intrinsically part of Lee's brand DNA, he offers up the perfect solution with a side of blaring techno.

The Fall 22 collection embodied all of the elements we know and love from the designer, and with it, was brought forward with futuristic themes that could only be interpreted as a sign of the times. Reflective outerwear, geometric face coverings, an abundance of hoods, utilitarian cargo pants, and boots fit to land on the moon in. In exclusive imagery, models almost look as though they are walking onto an intergalactic spaceship base, and with so much fixation on the cosmos in the past year, we don't blame Lee for feeling a little existential.

Below, see exclusive imagery of inside Dion Lee's Fall 2022 fittings, captured by James Emmermann, and behind the scenes moments by Rob Kulisek.


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