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An exclusive ‘RUSSH’ look into Dimensions X’s latest prefabricated homes

The idea of a home encapsulates an elusive sensation that emerges within a specific place. It is the peaceful ambience that envelops you. Pinning down a precise definition for the notion of a 'home' might prove challenging, as it is an emotion that defies easy articulation. It is the Architect that nourishes this feeling of home, to offer guidance bought to bare through structure. Designing your dream home during a waste crisis might evoke a sense of unease, due to environmental concerns. Amidst this crisis, configuring your sustainable dream house has become achievable through the emergence of Australian-born prop-tech company, Dimensions X. Co-founded by architect Peter Stutchbury who puts land and environment first, and Oscar Martin, the co-founder of Pedestrian TVDimensions X is addressing the resource-intensive nature of traditional construction by introducing refined, environmentally friendly prefabricated homes.


Not only do the OM-1 homes showcase exquisite architecture, but they also embody flexibility, a sense of responsibility, and meticulous attention to detail. Martin highlights "OM-1 was recently analysed as carbon neutral", distancing itself from the construction industry's contribution of up to 40% of global carbon emissions. Stutchbury asserts the solution lies in "small, beautiful, accurately planned homes that require minimum energy to operate".

Stutchbury actively weaves a phenomenon of harmony between nature and architecture into his designs. Paying tribute to the Australian landscape and magnifying the lived experiences of those who reside upon them. Authentic sustainability reaches further than a mere audit of materials – it involves embracing the land's holistic social and spiritual element. Design principles have taken advantage of natural conditions to create natural, thermally comfortable spaces, requiring little power to be sustained. A revolutionary path is forged through the incorporation of accessibility and flexibility in house configuration. Stutchbury, alongside the projects lead architect Alejo de Achaval, consolidates a lifetime of insights into a compact small-footprint home.



The OM-1 plan meticulously crafts every millimetre to achieve a minimalistic design that simultaneously maximises storage capacity. With an expansive 57 square meters of open-planned space, the living room, bathroom, study, bedroom, kitchen and three balconies seamlessly interconnect. The design's excellence is amplified by harnessing the strength of cross-laminated timber for non-load-bearing-bracing panels, offering a unique natural warmth, that surpasses other materials.

So, where do you begin?

Craft your home with unprecedented ease through an online configurator, that makes the realisation of your vision more attainable. While the standard OM-1 model exudes beauty, the potential to tailor your home to your land and climate is actively encouraged. The options for customising your home encompass adding walls, skylights, windows, ventilation, and personalised viewing choices. Embracing their commitment to sustainability, you can even integrate compost systems, solar panels, a beehive, and a rainwater tank. And if you're worried about being in bushfire land, OM-1 can achieve BAL FZ compliance in areas with the highest level of bushfire risk.

Natural sunlight bathes the dwelling, highlighting the rich golden-brown hues of the cross-laminated timber and evoking a subtle warmth. Both the interior and exterior feature a clean, crisp, neutral palette. Curated is an accumulated oasis of tranquillity that foresees the appeal of comfortable living.





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