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Del Rainbow’s new Airbnb is a sanctuary within Byron Bay

Halfway along the coastline of Bundjalung Country, nestled within the thriving arts and industrial estate of Byron Bay is Stay. One of those mythical Airbnb's that inspire hours trawling the Internet to secure. The golden sanctuary is tucked above Del Rainbow showroom and serves as a private hideout thanks to Del Rainbow founders Bianca Gregg and Arlen Macpherson.



A look inside Stay reveals an amber colour palette reminiscent of trips basking underneath the fading European sun. The space incorporates texture, light and colour as though it were physical chronicling previous travels. The interior acts as a stowed-away diary of the trips we cling to in these uncertain times. Think Maryam Nassir Zadeh on route across the Mediterranean.




The plush Sarah Ellison 'Muse' lounge, on many a wish list, is a steadying force in the open-plan apartment. Like the space below it, Stay has been thoughtfully furnished with wares from local artists. They all have a sustainable focus too. Soft Edge Studios ceramics sit atop the communal dining table. While neutral Marloe Marloe earthenware hold freshly cut flowers. And the instantly recognisable check of Baina pool towels are readily available to drape around your body while you whittle away the hours reading on the window seat.




The loft is an aspirational model for our own homes. Airy, bright and devoid of clutter, it's a refreshing departure from the homes we've been cooped up in over the past year. The Airbnb serves as a serene base to come home to after languid days on the beach. And if you're the Stay-cation type? Withdraw into the tranquil bubble of the apartment and delight in Happy Society oils, Mayde herbal teas and Superfeast Herbs. Gregg and Macpherson have equipped the space with all the accoutrement needed to encourage deep renewal.



Clear your schedule. Book a night at Stay. You deserve it.

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