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The physical-meets-digital as Culture Vault launches newly curated NFT platform “The Future is Phygital”

Culture Vault

The wonderful expansion of the metaverse is blooming right before our very eyes. And in that garden of newly minted technology, lives the wonderful world of crypto-currency. With much hearty dinner time debate surrounding the topic, there can be some hesitancy when looking to dip your toe in.

Culture Vault has arrived as something of a soothing salve to the issue. Launching a newly curated platform and creative agency. Signalling a welcome bridge between the worlds of the artist and crypto-community.

If you're still a little unclear on the details of what constitutes as an NFT, it is a digital asset symbolising a tangible object including and not limited to art, music and video items. In the same vain as cryptocurrency, NFT's are traded online, using the same encrypted technology as other crypto forms. The blockchain is a transparent ledger system used for compiling data on such sales; tracking digital payments to content creators.

Culture Vault

Culture Vault has been created with this idea firmly in mind, cementing a new way for creators to explore this system without concern. Helping artists to gain clarity on how to navigate blockchain technology. The agency works in conjunction with collaborators in creating, selling and displaying their NFT's.

Offering an all encompassing experience for both first time NFT-buyers and seasoned digital art collectors, here you will be able to acquire a curated selection of NFT's from an array of world recognised artists. Among the roster, creatives include the likes of Reko Rennie, Shantell Martin, Adam Briggs, Romance Was Born, Serwah Attafua, Bianca Beers, Stephen Ormandy, Mona Chalabi, Dan Hong, The Richard Bernstein Estate, Thea Anamara Perkins, Sebastian Leon, Fallen Fruit, Dylan Mooney, and The Huxleys.  

The curatorial eye of the platform is spearheaded by Arts-Matter, a cultural platform with relationships with many of Australia's notable creative figures. Culture Vault will work to carefully handpick a selection of NFT's across the world cultural sphere, from film, dance, graphic design, sculpture, food and fashion. With many of the artists uniquely extending physical assets in collaboration with their digital assets.

Kicking off alongside the platform launch, will be an inaugural exhibition colourfully titled The Future is Phygital, a curatorial sampling of the 12 founding artists. The digital artworks will be displayed using digital screens, opening an immersive world for budding collectors to transcend the online format.

The Future Is Phygital will open in March, at Verona Studios from 10am-5pm.

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Images courtesy of Culture Vault.