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Count on me: on tour with Kilter captured on film

From Sydney's Oxford Arts Factory to Adelaide's Lion Arts - electronic artist Kilter (aka Ned East) takes us on the road and behind the scenes for his national tour, captured on film by Self Tape (Stuart McNair).

"Organised chaos. My show has been expanding each tour, this time adding a Moog Sirin and some other gear."

"Catching up with Lil Spacely while setting up for the show."

"Space rushed straight from being on stage at the Metro to jump up for C.A.C. He made it just before I walked on and smashed the show."

"Last minute notes for the lighting and visual techs. 'Rappy' is a good visual cue, right?"

"Backstage in OAF's tiny little green room. Lots of good times in here over the years."

"All smiles and excitement during soundcheck."