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What everyone is wearing to Copenhagen Fashion Week

copenhagen fashion week street style

Everyone has that one city they feel deeply aligned with, especially when it comes to fashion. If yours happens to be Copenhagen, where its inhabitants cycle to and fro wearing a curious blend of sunny colours, gorpcore, and artful layers, then the city's fashion week is a must-see for you, above all for its street style.

It's the city of Ganni, of Cecilie Bahnsen and Saks Potts, of Marimekko and Stine Goya. It's where Scandinavian design shines, and its admirers emerge with bated breath. With Copenhagen Fashion Week in session for Spring 2024, taking place from August 7 until August 11, Danish folk are kitted out accordingly. And as you can imagine, it makes for some delicious people watching.

It may be summer in Europe, but it's rainy in Copenhagen, and the weather calls for more autumnal dressing than anything else. As such, umbrellas are the accessory du jour and you won't find anyone without a leather bomber or trench coat. Although there's less bare skin than we're used to for this time of year, it's certainly not just your regular damp weather dressing. The Danes are pulling out skirts over pants, tights and pairing knee-length jorts with zip-up windbreakers. As always, the mood seems to lean more sportswear, from Muay Thai shorts to adidas to cricket vests – an indisputable sign of the times.

There's more to be observed, of course. Which is why if Copenhagen Fashion Week speaks to you, below we're bringing you a selection of the best street style to emerge from the city thus far. Bring some paper and pen, you'll want to take notes!

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