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The best street style moments from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style

One of the best times of year occurs in the middle of August, when the Danes and the Scandinavians – some of the chicest people in the world – get together for Copenhagen Fashion Week to attend the Resort 23 shows of both Danish designers and imports from Europe and the US who are making sustainability a focus – a part of CPHFW that has grown in the past years, and become something that the fashion week is both known for and proud of.

While the collections are always inspirational, innovative, and forward thinking, the street style moments that are a byproduct of the week are always some of the best of the year, creating a clear pathway of the trends we're likely to see on the street when Australia moves into summer. Instead of big labels and luxury cars, Copenhagen's attendees rock up in flip flops on bicycles, hair in the wind, August sun on exposed skin. This year, the vibe shift has been undeniable in the changing landscape for the markers of what identifies Scandinavian and Danish fashion. In place of neon colours and puffed sleeves are crocs and sports sunglasses, utility trousers and techy jackets. It's important to note that these silhouettes have always played a part in Danish fashion, after all, when bikes are your first mode of transport, practicality has to be considered in the way people design. I digress, the vibe shift, which we've touched on before, is imminent and if there is anyone to cement such an idea in its place, it's bound to happen here with the Danes. There are tiny, colourful, crochet two pieces, simple tank tops and tailored trousers, an abundance of cargo pants and crocs, and some of our favourite style icons. Below, are our favourite street style moments from Copenhagen Fashion Week so far, to see for yourself.


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