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We all want to be this jacket in the Coach Fall ’21 campaign

Coach creates the most aspirational friendship circle in their latest campaign 'With Friends'. Featuring Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Lopez, Kōki and Jeremy Lin, the campaign introduces its Fall 2021 collection. Shot in neighbourhoods across the world, with scenes of outdoor gatherings and block parties, the campaign is a cosy reminder of community and connection.

Amidst the convivial scene we are introduced to Coach's Fall 2021 collection. Featuring the new Tate bag as handled by the stylish Jennifer Lopez, the Hitch backpack and a Soft Tabby purse slung around Kōki. In a nod to all things nostalgic, the campaign reintroduces Coach's iconic Rogue bag. In a similar vein, Coach Creative Director, Stuart Vevers, also collaborated with Schott for the collection, reimagining the leather and shearling bomber jackets the American heritage brand is known for, into plush and modern iterations.

The collection's focus on the sentimental signals Vevers' new vision for this season. “The Fall collection is inspired by our present and our future–by what we’ve learned and where we are going,” he said.

“It’s a story about friendship and the way our loved ones inspire, support and shape us, and the excitement we feel about spending time together again. Comforting, nostalgic and tactile, it celebrates the sense of possibility and joy found in connection," Vevers continued.

 The whole project is enriched by a sort of furious collaboration. Coach partnered with stylist Olivier Rizzo. And we glimpse cameos from Miami jump-rope team, The Hurricane Jumpers, Afro-Cuban jazz band, Miguel Cruz, Sugarcane and Tokyo-based band Gliiico.

A hunky Michael B. Jordan spoke to the campaigns focus on comfort and community. "The idea of being amongst friends means being around people you’re comfortable with," said Jordan. “People you can be yourself with, grow with, be creative with. It’s about being in an environment that makes you comfortable, where you can be authentic and thrive.”

To further cement this vision, the project included an extended cast with friends of Jeremy Lin's from college and students from the Coach initiative, Dream It Real. Through which, Coach empowers students to reach their full potential through higher education in order to break cycles of inequality.

Our forever queen, Jennifer Lopez, said of the campaign, "When you’re with friends, possibilities are endless".

"When I’m with my friends, we don’t always know what will happen next. We’re just hanging out and taking it as it comes. Just knowing that people are out there and they’re doing things, it’s encouraging—it’s optimistic, and it’s spontaneous.” We're right there with you JLo. 

Watch below as Coach interviews the stars about their favourite places to hang with their pals.



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