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If you need us, we’ll be sweating our way through Cindy Crawford’s killer ab workout

Cindy Crawford ab workout

If we're honest, there's very little we wouldn't give to be mistaken for Cindy Crawford's twin. Between her signature, legendary blowout that is truly unmatched; to her remarkable wardrobe and supermodel status. The woman is major end-game material. Aside from maintaining her luscious locks and still rocking a pair of denim jeans like no other, Crawford has always been majorly serious about her health and workout routine. And while there's certainly been plenty of speculation over the years about how she keeps her mind and body active; we have finally gotten a glimpse into the Cindy Crawford ab workout regime. And yeah, it looks like a serious burn.

Taking to Instagram – the home of all worthy workout routines – Crawford shared a video in her home gym with her trainer Sarah Hagaman. The barely one-minute video provides some insight into the exercises the model incorporates to maintain and develop a strong core. For those playing along at home, Crawford has made sure to demonstrate each movement; and her caption also includes an easy-to-follow breakdown to help you along.


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The clip sees Crawford working a range of different muscles and areas of her body; from her side obliques, to her hamstrings and just about every muscle in-between. It might be an ab-focused workout but don't be fooled; your whole body will definitely be feeling it. For ease, we've broken down each step of Crawford's quick ab burner, below.

Cindy Crawford's home ab workout

Perform three rounds of 20, 30, and 40 reps of each move.:

  • Standing bicycle crunch ⁣
  • Sumo squat side-to-side crunch ⁣
  • Low plank ab saw (four reps and hold + repeat) ⁣
  • Low plank with alternating knee taps ⁣
  • Hamstring hold with alternating scissors ⁣
  • Bicycle crunches ⁣
  • Kneeling plank with an alternating elbow to knee reach
  • Side body raises to oblique crunch on both sides

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