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This is the key to choosing the right haircut for your face shape

While many of us have turned to trimming our hair at home during the pandemic, there is something to be said for the tailored advice and cut that only a professional can offer. So if you're able to get out, finding the right look is easier in person with an expert, rather than at home with scissors and a curated hair Pinterest board.

Especially if you're asking yourself the age old question, 'how do you get the right cut to suit your face?'

According to Mark Thompson Artistic and Events Manager at  L’Oréal Professionnel, this conundrum has a rather simple solution. "Consultation is key, especially for haircuts," he says. Below, Thompson shares his advice on trending cuts, maintaining them and why all styles can be beautiful in their own way.


What do you think will be the trending cut for 2021?

The trending cut for 2021 will be short and shapes! 2020 was a year of at home hair attempts that will influence a lot of short, blunt, textured shapes emerging through the 20201 trends. I believe we will see a return to skill and technique within the industry, really focusing on the understanding that hairdressing is a craft and an artform! The cut is the key to holding the look and it will be really exciting to see these trends emerge through the runways into salon.


How do you choose a cut that will suit your face shape?

Choosing a haircut that will suit your face shape is always a difficult one, you should always speak to your hairdresser about what you are want at your appointment. Consultation is key, especially for haircuts - the hairdresser is a trained professional and will ensure to give you all the right advice and adapting your ideal look to your face shape.


If you have a specific style, how often do you need to visit a salon to maintain that style?

For a haircut, in order to maintain the health and strength of the hair you should be returning to your salon every 6-8 weeks. If you are having your colour service, you should be in salon every 6 weeks, speaking with your hairdresser about maintaining your regrowth with a beautiful gloss treatment in between bigger colour services is an excellent way to break up the visits.


What's one cut that you wish to never see again?

There may be a “bad” haircut that makes you question everything about yourself, but in my eyes, no haircuts are not worth seeing. There’s such a beauty to the craft, where a talented stylist can take into account your hair type, face shape and lifestyle to transform the cut into the right look for you. Retro hairstyles can be modernised to look on-trend, fresh, and unorthodox in the best way. So many older haircuts have incredible versatility and can make a style timeless (a personal favourite is the mullet).


What do you wish more people knew about having their hair styled/cut/coloured?

For the best experience, always seek consultation and service from a professional hair designer who you trust and feel comfortable with; the result of which, is a style which is designed expressly for you. Be as honest as you can with your stylist, he or she will be willing to listen to your concerns and work with you; conversation is key to being happy with the result.

The L'Oreal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards were held recently, and this industry-wide event only emphasised how incredible the results can be with a talented hairstylist. Ultimately, it’s imperative you communicate exactly what you’re looking for – and brace yourself for honest feedback too. Hairdressing is a craft and a lifestyle for your stylist, and they consider your hair a canvas for creative expression.


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