Introducing your new go-to bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury's new Airbrush Bronzer is sure to be a new cult product.

Why? Well because it is the solution to every problem you've ever had with bronzer. This is not by coincidence, Charlotte and her team planned this very carefully. Much like they did with the new Magic Cream Light, they set out to solve every problem that people currently have with bronzing powders with one product.

I love a bronzer. It's an instant way to add life to your face without actually having to sit in the sun. But I have more than a few issues with the products currently on the market. As a result, I almost exclusively stick to two products and haven't deviated in 10 years.

As someone who has naturally medium - dark skin, finding the right bronzing product is a challenge. The lighter colours just don't work on my complexion and the darker colours are usually too orange and super muddy. I tried a a much-hyped new bronzer last year and it left orangey, brown streaks where my contour should have been. It didn't blend at all and it was far too pigmented - it started off intense and only got more intense. Hardly what you you want from complexion product.

Add in the fact that I really don't like wearing foundation, and tend to apply bronzer straight on my skin, most products I try do not blend and end up looking patchy and horrible.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

But not this one.

The Airbrush Bronzer is a true relief. It's a product that does what bronzers promise to do.

There are four shades and I have the medium, the second lightest, which was initially concerning. I routinely need the darkest or near darkest shade for anything to make an impact. It didn't seem like this was the right colour for me. But I was wrong. This product is warm, buildable and worked wonderfully on my skin. The product darkens slowly, so you can customise and get the right tone to suit you. And there was no horrible orange tone in sight. Just a healthy, bronzey glow that develops slowly.

Airbrush is certainly the right name for this product because that's what it appears to do. It applies smoothly, like a gentle wash on your skin, evening your complexion and blurring your pores as it applies. And I'm very happy to report that it applies just smoothly and evenly on bare skin as it does on foundation. It's partly due to the added hyaluronic acid in the product, which helps to plump and soften your skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Sorry to all those out there who love a shimmery bronzer, but I am not a fan. To me a bronzer should be multi-purpose. You should be able to bronze and contour with the one product - and you can't do that with shimmery products. To my delight, this one is a flat matte. No shimmer in sight. So you can sculpt or tan your face up with the one product.

I was also rather pleased by the diversity of the shade range. Four shades doesn't typically sound like enough, but given that one of the lighter shades was dark enough for me, I can imagine that the four colours could cover the full range of skin tones.

The final tick box for me is that the wonderful, vintage-style case is designed to be refillable. The refills aren't available just yet, but they're coming. I hate the idea of throwing away such ornate packaging, it's so wasteful. So, I was very pleased know that Charlotte Tilbury has taken this step towards being more sustainable.

This is a truly wonderful product that adds a bit of glamour (and also practicality) into my makeup collection. You heard it here first, this bronzer is a cult product for sure.

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