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Charles Melton and Elizabeth Olsen will team up for Todd Solondz‘s darkly comic film ‘Love Child’

Charles Melton and Elizabeth Olsen will team up for Todd Solondz‘s darkly comic film 'Love Child'

May December star Charles Melton has signed onto another feature film project his week, this time alongside MCU alumni Elizabeth Olsen, for director Todd Solondz‘s darkly comic new feature film Love Child. It was only a week ago that Melton was announced as part of the cast list for A24's an as-yet-untitled war flick from filmmakers Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation) and Ray Mendoza.


What is the film about?

Love Child is a story that follows Misty (set to be played by Olsen), who is stuck in the confines of a loveless marriage to a "brutish husband". The couple's 11-year-old son, Junior, is Misty's only consolation, but when she meets Easy – scripted to be a "handsome vagabond" (we can only assume this could be Melton's character) – her son, Junior decides to hatch a plan to set them up, and to get rid of his father in the meantime. The film is pitched as a 'dark comedy', so when Junior's plan backfires, and a new one is hatched – "this one even more devious, and with more disastrous—and unexpected—consequences" – we can assume things take a more sinister turn.


Who is in the cast?

As mentioned, the film is set to star Melton and Olsen as its leading duo. The rest of the casting has yet to be announced, but we'll keep you updated here as we hear more.

On the production side, Killer Films and 2AM are at the helm (past projects including Greta Lee's Past Lives and May December), and of course, American filmmaker and playwright Todd Solondz is set to direct. “I am beyond excited to work with Elizabeth Olsen and Charles Melton on what will be a super fun and playful celebration of Hollywood movies,” said Solondz about the project.


When will the film be released?

The film is still in early stages of production, so there is no official timeline for release just yet. We'll keep you updated here as we hear more about premier dates, and where to catch its full cinematic and streaming release.


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