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Photo diary from a night of karaoke and Coco Mademoiselle with Chanel

It was early May in 2021 when Chanel decided to host a dinner at Sydney's Felix to celebrate 100 years of celebrity for their iconic Chanel Nº5 Eau De Parfum. It was an evening filled with champagne, supper, dancing, and connection, and one that has occupied our minds as a special moment that the House of Chanel shared with their Australian friends of the Maison since the evening ended.

Two years on, friends of Chanel returned to the scene of the crime. Back to Felix, back together again, to celebrate the Brand's iconic Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum and the new face of the fragrance, Whitney Peak. Conceived to represent the essence of a bold and free woman, of femininity and singularity, the evening followed much of the same sentiment. Friends of the House from an intersection of industries gathered under the warm, moody lights of Felix Bistro and Brasserie in the centre of the city, transporting us to Paris.

As we sipped on signature cocktails that took us back to long nights in the city of lights, and took our seats at the intimately set tables which were spilling over with glassware reminiscent of perfume bottles, oysters, and caviar, we spent a moment reflecting on how special these moments really are – moments where entire tables of strangers share stories together and by the end of the night, they are scribbling down their neighbours names on a karaoke card for a group rendition of I Wanna Dance With Somebody. 

After dinner, a classic feast of French fare, we tumbled into the Restaurant's speakeasy, Little Felix, to continue the celebrations. This is where the karaoke took place, dancing to Whitney’s favourite songs. First up was Budjerah, who made his first ever karaoke debut to The Temptations' My Girl. He was naturally the star of the night. Rhys Kosakowski took over with Fergie's London Bridge, complete with boy band style choreography, before handing over to Jessica Gomes' rendition of No Scrubs which had people standing atop the seating joining in. One could go on...RUSSH's digital cover girl Sophie Wilde participated in a Whitney Houston duet, as we all danced and sang along to song after song.

Below, is a photo diary from the evening that was.


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