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CHANEL takes us behind the scenes of its latest Coco Crush campaign with Amandla Stenberg

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Life appears linear – and then you look closer. What you find is a string of chance encounters, moments that snowball to the next, until suddenly, like pearls on a string, you're left with something complete. Call it luck, destiny, whatever you like. Just know that this message is imbued in the latest Coco Crush campaign from CHANEL featuring multidisciplinary powerhouse and House ambassador, Amandla Stenberg.

In an exclusive interview for RUSSH, Amandla Stenberg shares her own chance encounters with CHANEL. An example that comes to mind is the song I Love Music by the late American jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal. "It somehow encompasses every single emotion of the human experience," Stenberg says.

These kismet experiences are inscribed into the Coco Crush collection. Most saliently through the intersecting lines of the quilted motif, a signature of CHANEL, that appears on the collection's offering of rings, bracelets, earrings, and bangles.

For Stenberg, it's the Coco Crush rings that speak to her most. Ever since she was a child, the actor says her mother would gift her rings and so "I've always associated rings with strength and femininity," Stenberg explains.

chanel coco crush amandla stenberg

In the video that accompanies the latest Coco Crush campaign, we see Stenberg play a game of musical chairs alongside fellow CHANEL brand ambassadors like Lucy Boynton and Jennie from BLACKPINK. The group of participants is slowly whittled down and Jennie reigns over the music, starting and stopping the track until Boynton is the last one standing. The song is an original composition from Jamie xx christened It's So Good – a title sums up our thoughts about the latest Coco Crush campaign.

So what's new about the Coco Crush collection? CHANEL has added fresh creations to the lineup, including a single earring in white gold and mini bracelets in yellow, white or Beige Gold, available with or without diamonds.

Explore the latest Coco Crush collection in-store at CHANEL boutiques or online, and catch exclusive snippets from CHANEL's interview with Amandla Stenberg below.

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