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Here’s why you’ll want to add cashmere loungewear to your WFH rotation

Bed Threads cashmere

If you've not yet been introduced to cashmere loungewear, you are certainly missing out.

We've grown a more than a little tired of our tracksuits and have been turning to activewear as a "more presentable" substitute. But cashmere lounge set goes one step further, making you feel elevated, while still in your comfiest of clothes. Cosy, warm and totally luxurious, cashmere loungewear definitely feels a little more like dressing up than a regular tracksuit.

I recently picked up a delightful set from the new Bed Threads cashmere range and let me tell you, it is lush.

I am someone that normally runs cold. I take a jacket with me everywhere, even at the height of summer. So winter days in my concrete-walled apartment can be torturous. You'll usually find my under at least three layers, clutching a hot water bottle and drinking a piping hot tea to stave off the chills.

Cashmere is known for being an insulator, an incredibly warm option for cold days. And my past experience with cashmere is that it's much softer and less itchy than other kinds of wool. It's a natural fibre that seems almost designed for comfort. So, a cashmere loungewear set seemed to be winning solution for me - and I was right.

It's unbelievable cosy. Wearing my set sort of feels like wearing a warm hug. It's delightful.

Bed Threads cashmere

But it's the tailoring that is the true selling point for me. With loungewear becoming our workwear, it's been really important for me to find pieces that make me feel motivated. I'm still taking meetings and conference calls, so looking (and feeling) presentable is still a consideration, even if I'm just sitting at my dining table.

The Bed Threads cashmere lounge pieces set a new standard for at-home luxury. They're far more elegant than any pair of trackpants I've ever owned. Of course, the fact that they're effortlessly flattering helps. Knitted fabrics always seem to fall in a much nicer way. They hug and skim your figure in the exact way you want your clothes to.

Life's little luxuries can be few and far between these days. But life does feel a lot more luxurious when you're wearing something as cosy and tasteful as this.

Bed Threads' cashmere lounge sets come in four colours: oatmeal, fog, charcoal and olive. Take a look at them out for yourself.


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