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Capricorn in 2019

The Goat
December 22 - January 19

You are tough, Capricorn. Tougher than the rest of us. You were made to build everything in your life from the ground up. You never cut corners, and you never pawn off responsibility.

You know that above all else people can trust your work ethic. They can trust your integrity. We love this about you. But 2019 is going to teach you to fall in love with yourself.

First and foremost, you are going to learn to be more gentle with yourself. As Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moves through your subconscious, you are going to feel a lightness and acceptance of who you are right now. Rather than kicking yourself while you’re down, remind yourself that it is okay to make mistakes. Rather than demeaning your accomplishments, pat yourself on the back for the hard work that you put in. Whatever limiting beliefs you have been telling yourself for so long are going to be washed away with a renewed sense of peace and optimism. 2019 is going to introduce you to your internal hype man.

And from there, you are going to get to know yourself. Saturn is going to remind you of the importance of self-reliance. He is going to show you that you are completely okay, just as you are. And he is going to remind you of just how much fun it can be to spend time alone with yourself. Take yourself to your favourite restaurant and savour the moments of solitude. Plan a solo trip to another city or even another country that feeds your inner weirdo. Spend an entire Sunday in bed watching your favourite show and eating your favourite pint of ice cream. For the rest of this year, whether you are taken or single, know that your biggest priority is to love and nurture all of the messy, complicated, and beautiful parts of yourself.

This year is about creating a relationship with yourself that is built to last. So be easy. Take your time. You are coming home to yourself.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY  Kitty Callaghan
ART Jedda-Daisy Culley