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Camilla and Marc usher in the opulent twenties with its FW22 collection Liberté

Sexy, daring and above all, liberating. Camilla and Marc present its FW22 collection, Liberté.

As we shed the winter skin that has grown thick over the past two years of the pandemic, we're reaching for ideas, eras and pieces that invigorate. For its FW22 collection, Camilla and Marc are bringing a slice of the opulent twenties, where dancing, dressing well, and a sense of grandeur were at its most tangible.

For inspiration, Camilla and Marc drew on The Cotton Club era, where old cars rolled up outside, delivering women in glittering floor length gowns and men armoured in impeccable tailoring, to the smokey, sweaty, jazz-fuelled belly inside.

It's this sensibility that governs the collection. Taking cues from the sophistication of 1920s menswear, exaggerated cuffs, double breasted suits, sumptuous trench coats arriving in leather to reference vintage car interiors, vests, and trousers with a full break, add structure. While the notable sheer silhouettes, pointed loafers and velvet long sleeve gowns accessorised with shimmering drop earrings redolent of chandeliers, bring an unbridled feminine energy to the collection.

A rich palette coats the collection deepening its sense of grandeur. Deep chocolates pair nicely with tan, crisp white, black and flecks of chrome courtesy of silver hardware dusted throughout.

For Camilla and Marc creative director, Camilla Freeman Topper, it was "the glamour and social progress of the 50’s" an era that "has always been a remarkably interesting time to me" that informed the collection.

"The unbridled confidence of the women, the fiercely liberating spirit of ‘we can do anything’," she continued. "I wanted to create a collection that encapsulated the beauty and glamour of what it means to be a woman today and celebrate the significance of how far we have come; as mothers, daughters, female bosses, creatives, politicians, teachers, social workers – women are phenomenal, we are all these things and more. This collection is an ode to women.”

Explore Liberté in store and online at the Camilla and Marc website.


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