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Watch the Burberry spring/summer 2021 runway show live

burberry spring/summer 2021

Are you ready for one of the biggest fashion events of the spring/summer season?

Streaming tonight, right here live, is Burberry's spring/summer 2021 show. The show is set to start at 10pm AEST on Thursday September 17 and will be available for all to tune in and watch.

Welcome to your chance for a front row experience with one of the biggest design houses in the world. You'll be able to view the whole show in real time in the video below or you can head to or the house's Instagram or Twitch accounts.

The show will be a live performance created by none other than chief creative officer of Burberry Riccardo Tisci in collaboration with German visual artist Anne Imhof.

We hope you enjoy the show.



Tonight's live performance has been created to showcase the spring/summer 2021 Burberry collection conceived and created again by Riccardo Tisci.

The house announced early in the year that - despite the coronavirus pandemic and its associated social-distancing measures - it still intended to go ahead with its September show. But there would be a few twists. Instead of inside on a catwalk, we know that the show will take place in an unknown outdoor location, somewhere in Britain. The show is set to be an immersive experience that bring the natural world into the fold, embodying the house's profound respect for our environment.

In lieu of an audience, which unfortunately is not possible for this show, Burberry has announced that it will plant 10,000 trees in the British countryside on behalf of the missing spectators. And in addition, this experience will be certified carbon neutral, a move in line with Burberry's last two shows. Burberry has said that the show will be staged in the most eco-friendly way possible and any remaining emissions will be offset through Burberry’s Regeneration Fund.

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Image: Burberry