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Your work-from-home bun is probably damaging your hair

Sorry folks, your work-from-home hair needs to change. Let me explain.

While I like my hair flowing free when I'm out and about, the second I get home, my hair is instantly whipped into a weird and unintentionally messy bun where it stays until I go to sleep. I know I'm not alone here. Pulling your hair off your face and neck after a long day is a total and utter relief.

But the home-time bun has evolved. With so many of us Australians living in lockdown - Sydney, Melbourne, parts of Queensland and the ACT on last count - many of us are working from home, wining and dining at home and everything else in between. As such, I know many of you having been living with your hair permanently up in a bun or a flipped ponytail. The work-from-home bun I call it. And unfortunately it's probably doing your hair some damage.


How buns and ponytails damage hair

Pulled back hairstyles put tension on the hair - especially if they're tight. Ponytails and buns can cause stress to your hair follicles and can lead to hairs falling out. And while we all need to put our hair in a bun from time to time, adopting this style on a full time basis can cause consistent hair fall. And then there's the placement of your hair tie. The same style will often see your hair tie placed in the same spot, causing a weakening of the hair in that particular area, which in turn leads to breakage.

So, as tempting and easy as it is to wake up and sweep your locks into messy pile that keeps it out of your face and leave it there for the whole day, it's not doing your hair health any favours.


How to wear your hair instead

Of course, this doesn't mean you have to live with your hair out like a heathen. There are always a few solves. Try mixing up your hairstyle. Yesterday I wore a low loose ponytail and today, I have a loose plait, both of which put far less tension on the hair. Sweeping your hair into a twist with a banana clip or just using bobby pins to the front sections out of your face can work too.

If you have decided that it's a bun day, try using a silk scrunchie which puts far less tension on your strands than regular hair ties. I use Frenchie Wear. Also, making sure your hair has some slip and increased elasticity will also help. Using a hair oil like Moroccanoil is great here. Just make sure you're letting your hair down when it's time to sleep - and swapping to a silk pillowcase helps too.

Your hair will thank you.