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Bundanon’s 2025 Artist-In-Residence program is now open for applications

We all know how hard it is to hunker down and create art. Carving out spare time is an uphill battle, and cultivating the space and mental zen to do so is even more challenging. But 200 kilometers away from the city of Sydney is the municipal region of Shoalhaven, NSW, a region home to national arts organisation and museum, Bundanon.

Bundanon play host to one of the largest Artist-in-Residence programs in Australia, which spans across disciplines like visual and performing arts, literature, dance, music and more. And in 2023, they supported the work of over 150 artists.

The programme has existed for 30 years with a rotating affiliate board of art organisations and benefactors. With its gates flung open, they're after your art.

On the programme, Bundanon CEO Rachel Kent says: “It is critically important in this new organisational chapter that we create access opportunities for our artists and remove cost barriers. This residency program upholds our core commitment to actively support cultural production across all disciplines, and in all phases of the creative process."


What is Bundanon?

The organisation represents one of the most significant acts of philanthropy in Australia, acting as a place for research, creativity and connection to living cultures that was established in 1993 as a registered charity.

Bundanon takes it's name from the native language of Dharawal, meaning deep valley – in reference to its geographic locale embedded in the landscape of more than 1,000 hectares of wildlife sanctuary.


What is included in the residency?

The residency is structured as a key career breakthrough for emergent artists to undertake their work in a proofed environment. Selected artists will be able to access built-in studios, rehearsal spaces and more facilities on the Bundanon site.

Bundanon's website tell us that residencies  are "Structured through partnerships with leading arts organisations, companies, cultural agencies, and patrons" and that the program "facilitates creative exploration and offers participants an expansive environment to develop their artistic practice and engage with fellow creative minds".


How do I apply?

Applications are now open, and will close on Wednesday 15 May 2024.

You can register for an online information session to find out more about the application process, and residency.

You can apply for the 2024 Artist-In-Residence program now via Bundanon's website.


Bundanon is open to all. Practicing artists of any discipline are encouraged in the residency programme.


Great news: the entirety of the programme will be supported by the initiative. The 2025 Artists-in-Residence program supports new works created by Australian artists, as promoted in the initiative's Revive policy. Bundanon is funded by a cabinet of important organisations including Create NSW, the University of Wollongong, Landcare Australia, and the Australian Government.


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