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Bulgari takes us to Seoul for the launch of its inaugural Bulgari Studio

You only need to spend a morning walking the streets of Korea’s bustling capital city, Seoul, to quickly see that the reports are true – the place is bursting at the seams with creativity. From the innovative exploration of fashion that is felt and celebrated through street style, to the intersection of art and culture that bleeds into everyday spaces, the energy here is fresh – and truthfully, unmatched. Being my first (but certainly not my last) visit to the growing hotspot travel destination, and with very few preconceptions about what to expect, it became abundantly clear quite early on in my trip why Italian luxury fashion House, Bulgari, had chosen the city as the launchpad for its inaugural initiative, Bulgari Studio.

The dynamic program marks the beginning of the Maison’s first creator platform, a space where cross-disciplinary collaborations between the House and artists of all backgrounds are fostered, celebrated and encouraged. As a House that has continuously pushed the boundaries of fashion, design and global culture since its inception, the announcement of this new opportunity for creative exploration feels like a natural extension of the guiding principles and values that have been fostered within Bulgari’s legacy to date.



There are no boundaries to the type of creators who can form part of the Bulgari Studio world, either – digital artists, DJs, artisans, architects, game-changers and trailblazers of all disciplines are welcome. The only prerequisite is an ability to think big, look beyond and be unafraid to set new rules, always. With this in mind, it’s easy to see the synergy between the contemporary creators who were chosen to be the inaugural narrators of the platform and the Maison. Digital artist Antoni Tudisco, multi-disciplinary artist and DJ Anyma, and French choreographer Sadeck Berrabah formed the trio of disruptive creative minds chosen by the House to bring the spirit of Bulgari Studio to life; each bringing their unique perspectives to further develop Bulgari’s history of innovation.

“With the visual language developed for Bulgari Studio, I aimed for attendees to experience wonder and transcendence, to feel transported into realms where art and design merge, evoking new emotions and perspectives through immersive, interactive experiences,” shared Tudisco, whose practice is often aligned with the notion of being a ‘digital Picasso’.

For his part, the German-based, Italo-Filipino artist was tasked with creating the first digital campaign for the Maison, blending his technical finesse and imaginative prowess to reimagine one of Bulgari’s enduring icons, the B.zero1 collection. A design that has always embodied an innovative and daring sensibility, Tudisco transformed B.zero1’s rich history to explore a kaleidoscope of endless opportunities. The result is a digital artwork that features multiple B.zero1 rings coursing through each other at the neck of Seoul Tower; and as the Maison celebrates the 25th anniversary of the collection this year, it’s clear that the only direction for B.zero1, is up.

“Collaborating with Bulgari on the Bulgari Studio project was a transformative experience, focusing on reimagining the iconic B.zero1 ring through my digital artistry,” continued Tudisco. “I deconstructed its aesthetic to explore infinite interpretations, utilising surrealism to blend reality with imagination, transforming its spiral shape into metaphysical dimensions.”

From Seoul all the way back to Rome where the Maison’s headquarters reside, the energy of Bulgari Studio is entrenched in the experience of the House. Speaking with Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s creative director, who was early in her career at the Maison when the collection was launched, she shared that “B.zero1 was so innovative, so unique, so futuristic – especially for Bulgari, a brand that has a lot of history and was so connected to high jewellery and coloured gems,” and signalled “a major shift for the Maison at the turn of the millennium.”

“Every year, we try to do something different. And sure, we could launch a new piece or version of B.zero1, but the opportunity to work with different artists and consider how they interpret a collection is more innovative and powerful,” she continued.



It’s an enriched commitment to creative expression that Silvestri believes will continue to drive the luxury House in all spaces, and one she hopes will also foster a new freedom and creative liberty in the way that collections such as B.zero1 will be worn and styled. “Wearing and playing with jewellery has always held great emotion for me. It represents who I am and how I see myself through these collections. Stacking, mixing metals, pairing with other collections and pieces... I can see Bulgari Studio encouraging others to be adventurous and playful too.”

Looking around the room at the Théâtre des Lumières – the space where the official launch of Bulgari Studio was held – it felt as though Silvestri’s dream had already been realised. Guests from all over the world embraced the multisensory experience, beginning with a gallery-style walk through of surrealist interpretations created by Tudisco and featuring the collection and continuing with performances by both Berrabah and Anyma.

“Opportunities and spaces like Bulgari Studio open up possibilities to transform your imagination, your thoughts into the physical. It is still my favourite part of the process to see my ideas go from drawings on paper to real life,” shared Berrabah, whose hypnotising performance, which involved 84 dancers, drew inspiration from the lines, movement and shapes that characteristically defines B.zero1.

A confirmation of Bulgari’s legacy of innovation, the launch of Bulgari Studio in Seoul is only the beginning. The Maison will continue to engage with creative minds through the platform, expanding its creative community and providing opportunities for the House’s most emblematic icons to be reimagined. A glimpse into what the future of art and luxury can offer, Bulgari Studio – and the creatives that inhabit it – set the pace.


Find out more about Bulgari Studio on the Bulgari website.

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