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Lady Whistledown has confirmed that a new novel on Queen Charlotte is coming to the ‘Bridgerton’ universe

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From the very first season, we knew instantly that we had become wrapped up in the multi-layered fictional universe that is Bridgerton. How could you not, is the real question? Watching these supremely hot, wealthy members of society live out a glamorous life littered with ballgowns and champagne in the pursuit to find love is more enthralling than many of us wanted to original admit. So, when we found out that the universe would be expanding with a new prequel series on Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton, we could hardly wait.

As it turns out, we weren't the only ones hanging for this moment – so much so that it has prompted Julia Quinn (the original author of the series) and Shonda Rhimes to turn the prequel series into a Bridgerton prequel novel! This shouldn't entirely surprise us though, given that Bridgerton's foundations were in fact in the novel space. But it certainly is a very welcomed treat; especially since we have already read – and re-read – all the books in the series so far.

What will be the focus of the Bridgerton prequel novel?

Keeping in line with the proposed plot of the series, the novel will tell the story of a young Queen Charlotte, and how her marriage to King George not only represents one of the greatest love stories in the Bridgerton universe, but a monumental societal shift that changed the course of the ton forever.

“Queen Charlotte has been such a moving character to write and now having the opportunity to work with Julia to adapt this story into a book is such an exciting opportunity,” shared Rhimes in a statement. “I can’t wait for fans of this universe to read the story of a character that has resonated so deeply with our audience.”

When will the Bridgerton sequel novel hit shelves?

Although we don't have an exact date for when the new novel is set to drop, we do know that its release will coincide with the premiere of the prequel series. Which means we can enjoy the story of everyone's favourite queen through both mediums at once. Now, tell me that's not the full multi-platform experience!

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