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Brendan Fraser has always been a sensitive king

brendan fraser

Remember Brendan Fraser? The prolific 90s-era actor had all but slipped out of Hollywood's line of sight. But the good people of the internet have been planning his comeback for some time now, which has coincided spectacularly with Fraser's leading role in A24 film, The Whale.

In The Whale, Fraser plays Charlie, a morbidly obese man who is riddled with guilt and deeply depressed following the death of his partner, a woman he left his wife and daughter for. He's also an English teacher and delivers the course through Zoom with his camera deliberately turned off. Whatever you may think of the film, it's struck a chord with the internet, who have somewhat conflated Charlie's story with Fraser's. Especially given what he's been through in the past decade – speaking out publicly about his own experience of sexual assault and undergoing a series of medical procedures after gruelling stunt work on The Mummy franchise took a toll on his body.

In fact, there's a lot of people rooting for Fraser, the RUSSH team included. He falls under the same category of unproblematic, benevolent actors like his peers Keanu Reeves, or say, Willem Dafoe, that keep our faith in white men in tact. And the recent video of Fraser crying as he receives a standing ovation at Venice Film Festival 2022 proves he's still the sensitive and undeniably wholesome icon of George in the Jungle notoriety. We just really want to see the guy win.

So as we power on head first into the Brenaissance, what better time to revisit some of Brendan Fraser's most memorable looks? From hulking 90s heartthrob to the adventure-seeking leading man to the Stetson-wearing man we know today, below we take a look at Brendan Fraser's contribution to fashion.

A barefoot prince! Brad Pitt could never.


A wardrobe I want for myself.


The earring sends us.


A kohl-eyed Brendan Fraser? Yum.


It's giving leather-clad hunk.






On the set of Airheads in 1994.


We'd like Brendan Fraser to (French) press us against that bench. Too much? Probably.


In his hippie era.


Scream! A chihuahua.


Staring down the barrel of our souls with this wintry look.

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