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10 brands like Reformation that need to be on your radar

Brands like Reformation

Reformation has been a cult favourite since the brand was launched in 2009. But it's not just the brand's feminine silhouettes and figure-flattering styles that have made it so popular. Reformation has been totally carbon neutral since 2015 making it one of (if not the most) sustainable clothing options out there. In fact, Reformation now has plans to go beyond carbon neutral and be climate positive, which is darn impressive.

If you love Reformation, its styles and its principles but you're looking to expand your sartorial roster, there are a few other brand we think you should keep in mind. Just like we did with our guide to brands like Everlane, below, we share 10 brand similar to Reformation we know you'll love.



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Created by the a former fashion director of Realisation Par, Staud is a brand with a similar vibe and similar principles. Staud occupies a space between fast fashion and luxury. It's a brand that offers high-quality, LA-chic, timeless pieces in a way that doesn't totally price out the average fashion shopper.




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Posse is a brand all about breezy, casual elegance. A label without seasons, all of Posse's pieces are timeless and created to transcend the trends of the moment - yet they are instantly recognisable. Chic, summery and effortlessly cool. The brand has a 'less is more' policy and a love of slow fashion. The goal is to create pieces designed to last through both quality and style.


Faithfull The Brand

Young, on-trend yet uncomplicated, Faithfull has made a name for itself as a brand that understands the modern woman. Just like Reformation, the label focuses on easy-wearing, off-duty style pieces that can take you from beach to bar. Sustainably and ethically made in Bali, Faithfull is a brand for wanderers, travellers and everyday dreamers.


With Jéan


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Founded on the principle that all pieces should be able to be worn with denim, With Jean is a brand loved by fashion girls everywhere. The thoughtfully designed pieces from this brand are seasonless and designed to age just like a pair of vintage blue jeans. Made with an ethical mindset, all pieces are hand-dyed and made by family-owned businesses in Indonesia and China.


Stone Cold Fox

Like Reformation, Stone Cold Fox is a brand born and designed in LA. It's one that takes its inspiration from vintage pieces, transforming old into new again. Each piece from this brand is thought out, unique and special. They're all designed to transcend seasons and are made in a way that you can can keep them comfortably for many years to come.


Réalisation Par


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Say hello to the makers of the most flattering dresses you'll ever have the pleasure to slip on. Feeling drab, sad and just not like yourself? Well Réalisation Par is the solution. The casual yet sexy styles are universally flattering, a staple of the fashion scenes in LA, London, Sydney and New York.




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Minimal and elegant, Sir pieces are uniquely designed to worn to both a cocktail event or brunch on the beach. The styles are timeless, ones that can be worn year after year and season after season. The classic approach to design is informed by the designer's commitment to ethical and sustainable production. Sir is a brand the cultivates relationships with its makers and stocking limited quantities to reduce carbon footprint and potential waste.




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This brand is the brainchild of French beauty and ultimate fashion muse, Jeanne Damas. Rouje inspired by women, everyday women from the streets, from Instagram, from vintage photos, mothers, sisters, friends and grandmothers. It is all these women that breathe life into the designs of Rouje and offer a timeless approach to style. These are styles you will buy now, but treasure forever.


Ciao Lucia


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This brand describes itself as one "or the girl, on eternal vacation". Like Reformation, Ciao Lucia is a brand known for its summery, breezy dresses. The ones you want to fill your suitcase on your way to somewhere sunny. Made in LA, but inspired by the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast, Ciao Lucia pieces are best paired with flats and a basket bag.




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Much like Reformation, Ganni is a fashion brand that puts sustainability first. Transparency is part of its commitment; you can see in detail Ganni's goals and targets in its responsibility report. As for Ganni designs, these clothes are all about making you feel like the most confident version of yourself. Ganni is not big on trends, instead creating pieces with personality that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.


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