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Camellias forever — Chanel’s 2021 fine jewellery collection is here

Long has the simple camellia been a hallmark of the house of Chanel. Cultivated throughout China and Japan, the flower was treasured by Coco Chanel for its clean lines and understated elegance. For this reason, it has never strayed too far from Chanel's collections and marketing, with the motif embraced by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard alike. By its very design, the bloom lends itself as a blank slate to be continually reimagined, and reimagined it is for Chanel's 2021 fine jewellery collection.

Introducing 'Bouton de Camélia', the latest fine jewellery collection from Chanel to furnish their pre-existing Camélia line. For those among us who have always been enchanted by Chanel's eye-catching and glittering pieces, the Bouton de Camélia will be embedded in your mind. At the heart of each piece is the many-petaled camellia; swathed in 18 karat white gold and encrusted with diamonds. Among the collection you'll find various iterations on rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets chokers and necklaces.

Necklaces have been adorned with delicate foliage and glittering droplets, while earrings are inlaid with mother-of-pearl finishes and feature Chanel's signature pearls. All camellia centrepieces are crafted with three layers of blinking diamonds and while one could never describe the pieces as garish — they definitely are not subtle. In true Chanel style, any piece in the collection can be called upon for those most lavish of events, or if the wearer so wishes, they can be equally at home in more casual and day-to-day settings. We love a bit of versatility!

For those looking to possess a small slice of luxury, the Bouton de Camélia collection dropped today and you can now shop it on Chanel's website or in store. Although, the fine jewellery range is labelled as aspirational for a reason; with many of the pieces well and truly surpassing the thousand dollar mark. Looking for jewellery that's a little closer to home? Here are 30 Australian jewellery brands that should be on your radar.

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