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Bottega Veneta shines a light on craft with its latest edition of ‘Bottega for Bottegas’

Bottega Veneta's latest initiative is all in the name, really. Over the last three years, the Vicenza-based fashion house has used its global platform to shine a light on craftspeople and artisans from across the world. The idea came from the brand's own name ("bottega" is the Italian word for workshop), and the initiative is all about calling attention to fellow artisans around the world that are similarly blending creativity with exceptional craft. Hence why the initiative is titled 'Bottega for Bottegas'.

Occurring annually around the holidays, in its inaugural year, Bottega Veneta partnered with 12 homegrown workshops. Italian bottegas such as Pastificio Martelli pasta, Amatruda paper, and Krumiri Rossi biscuits were highlighted. In its second edition the fashion house turned its gaze global, calling attention to artisans creating under an Italian influence. The 14 workshops selected comprised a dairy farm in Japan, a woodworker from Vermont, and a bakery from China.

For the 2023 iteration of Bottega for Bottegas, the fashion house has narrowed its selection to four artisans who wield creativity and an inimitable expertise "to empower imagination and inspire togetherness".

They include Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung Feng, who spends long periods learning and preserving forgotten techniques before utilising them in installations, sculpture, furniture, and architecture; Liu Wenhui, a master of Chinese architecture who develops and advocates for traditional mortise-and-tenon woodwork structures; third-generation Korean kite-maker Kitai Rhee, who's studio is the only bottega in Korea continuing the knowledge and creation of traditional Bangpae Yeons; and finally, Modiano, a heritage Italian workshop specialising in the design and production of playing cards, tarot cards, and other paper products since it was founded in 1868.

Just as Cheng Tsung Feng, Liu Wenhui, Kitai Rhee, and Modiano demonstrate a commitment to the continuation of traditional craft, Bottega Veneta hopes to preserve their efforts this December with a digital campaign, along with a homage in the window of its Milan flagship.

Learn more about the latest launch of Bottega for Bottegas at the brand's website.

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