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Body of work

Sand, 2018.

When everything is moving and shifting, the only way to counteract chaos is stillness. 
Photographer Jedd Cooney and Christelle Scifo of Fleurette present their latest collaboration: A Still Life.

Lavendre, 2018.
Violet, 2018.

A Still Life series is a modern interpretation on the traditional still life, a juxtaposition of the ephemeral of nature and the effect on it in a man-made, modern world.” - Christelle Scifo.

Poppy, 2018.
Pane, 2018.
Orchid, 2018.
Melon, 2018.
Pins, 2018.
Acqua, 2018.

“We wanted to create images that were a little surreal and that had the softness, depth and nostalgia of an oil painting.” - Jedd Cooney.

Citron, 2018.
Soy, 2018.

SET DESIGN Christelle Scifo @ Fleurette