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Body of work: Prada’s striking series of short films

Lovers of cinema, put down your popcorn and take note, Prada’s latest Spring Summer 19 film campaign is one to admire. Releasing their campaign via a series of five individual short films, each around 80 seconds long, the brand focuses on storytelling rather than mere exhibition.

The campaign’s title, Double Exposure, aptly describes the theme behind the series: a multifaceted approach to identity and self-representation through the Prada brand. Each film focuses on the duality of the brand’s new collection, with key motifs of statement headpieces and new staple Prada bags shown to withstand the weight of humanity. Juxtaposition is centrally used to portray the emotional chameleon; someone who is able to go from rave to high tea, from angry to content and from one person to another in a matter of moments.

A series in two parts, the first two films focuses on menswear and feature models Daan Duez, Jonas Glöer and Tae Min Park, with the latter three focusing on womenswear and starring Maike Inga, Gigi Hadid and Liu Wen. A focus on cinema and photography unites the films, captured  by Willy Vanderperre, in collaboration with Benoit Debie and featuring an original score by Frederic Sanchez, Prada adds depth to the traditional fashion campaign like never before.