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Bloomers are the latest development in the underwear as outerwear trend

bloomers trend

The last time many of us wore bloomers would've been in primary school, slipping the jewel-toned pieces of polyester over our undies so we could play handball or soccer without flashing our bits. But if summer in the Northern Hemisphere is anything to go off, we'll be wearing the frilly pants again very soon, if you're not doing so already.

We're long into the phenomenon of people wearing underwear as outerwear. We've seen bras styled over tailored shirts, slip dresses hit the streets, boxer shorts worn to the office, stockings subbed in for pants, and knickers worn in place of...well any sort of bottom at all. It seems only natural that the next chapter would bring on a bloomer revival. We have Ms. Prada to thank for this. Pants were an afterthought on the Miu Miu Fall Winter 23 runway. The colossal influence of Bella Hadid's street style has played a part too. When the model stepped out late last year wearing a moto jacket, sold out platform UGG boots and a pair of cotton bloomers, she sent the girlies into a collective tailspin.

TikTok would place bloomers in the realm of coquette style, with crossover into ballet core. We see them as part of a movement toward nostalgic bottoms, like Capri pants or Bermuda shorts, that feel practical yet still feminine and cute.

Bloomers have an interesting history, introduced in the mid 1800s as an alternative to the restrictive undergarments that hampered women's mobility and joy, probably. The frilly pants are a sign of progress, freedom of movement, of women's rights! On that note, here's a shoppable selection of bloomers if you're looking to introduce them into your wardrobe. From Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp, Pretties, Nicklas Skovgaard and more.


PRETTIES Pointelle Bloomers




COLLINA STRADA Artichoke Bloomers


SALTER HOUSE Cotton Bloomer Shorts


RAMP TRAMP TRAMP STAMP Beach Bloomers in Royal


KAHE Above It All Shorts


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