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All the evidence we have that Beyoncé is working on a ‘Renaissance’ film

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If Beyoncé is up to something, we'll only find out when she wants us to. That being said, the Beyhive has never let a closed door get in the way of sniffing out her next move.

On Twitter, the musician's fanbase keeps reminding us that they've been patient – they refrained from listening to Renaissance when the album leaked earlier in July, and when Beyoncé asked her audience in a statement to "take our time and enjoy the music," they did as requested. But now the Beyhive is getting antsy. For what, you ask? For Beyoncé to #dropthevisuals.

For context, Renaissance is the first album since 2011 that didn't automatically arrive with a music video for each track to feast upon. So naturally people were curious as to when they would drop. In August Beyoncé's production company, Parkwood Entertainment, said they were scheduled to release "at a later date". Considering that Renaissance was penned as a soundtrack for summer, it's now "fall" and our pals in the northern hemisphere are now wondering when exactly later is.

However, we may have received a clue to when that could be. Or at least, confirmation that something much bigger is on its way. In all their snooping, the Beyhive managed to find a solid clue in the form of a thank you card and flower delivery. The bouquet in question was sent to Odd Future member Syd from Beyoncé, who also produced the track Plastic Off The Sofa. Syd posted the arrangement on her since-deleted Instagram stories, tagging Beyoncé directly who had thanked her for "contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the footage and you’re incredible. I’m forever grateful" before signing the card from "B". If you ask me, that evidence would hold up in a court of law.

While no concrete details about a film have been announced just yet, we expect it will follow the rollout of Beyoncé's 2016 film Lemonade and pay tribute to 80s Ballroom Culture, which means the fashion will (as usual) be a standout. With a film on its way and Renaissance tour dates set for summer 2023, at last we may finally know peace.


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