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Is Beyoncé bringing her ‘Cowboy Carter’ tour to Australia?

Is Beyoncé bringing her 'Cowboy Carter' tour to Australia?

Let's not jump the gun yet. There's word on the street that Beyoncé will be introducing her Cowboy Carter tour to Australia toward the tail-end of 2024.

After the Oceanic Hemisphere was notably amiss from the Renaissance World Tour, which took the superstar polymath on a circuit tour from Stockholm, Sweden to Kansas City, Missouri, it might be time to include a 57th stop in Australia this year.

It is known that the family are fond of us. Last year, Solange headlined Volume Festival at AGNSW which included an awe-spiring performance deep in the submerged depths of the gallery's subterranean Tank. It is only natural to accept the percolating rumours of her sister's own appearance with an inkling of hope. Could Beyoncé really be making her Australian return for the first time since 2013 – we find out below.


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When will Beyoncé come to Australia?

It's time to saddle up. Beyoncé will reportedly return to Australia in late October 2024 as a part of her Cowboy Carter Tour.

The album earned the accolade of being her eighth consecutive number one album on the Billboard 200, as the only Black woman to rank high in the Top Country Albums chart.


Where will she perform?

The rumoured performance location of choice is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The Melbourne Cup will kick off on 5 November this year in the MCG, indicating Beyoncé may perform in Australia in the last week of October. MCG is the largest stadium in Australia which has hosted Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and hopefully now Beyoncé. It feels long overdue, and correct.


What cities is she returning to? 

During Beyoncé's last tour, she wended her way through every Australian city except Hobart and Darwin. We are hoping for the same formula this time around. It will be the 'Sixteen Candles' star's first trip Down Under since November 2013 when she performed The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.


When will tickets go on sale?

We'll let you know when more news is unveiled. For now, we'll have to stow away any stirrups and chaps until we hear more...


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