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Beth and Blue make their debut with single ‘I Love You’

beth and blue i love you

I love you, I know. 

“Oh baby, I’m yours, I put myself on the line,

You are the one that I adore,

Put your pain in my pocket, I’ll make mine.”

Love and connection are often sited as the genesis for any music of note, whether it be a confessional love song or an entire musical project. The desire to create when in love can be overwhelming, but to have a project built entirely on the foundations of love is unstoppable.

Beth and Blue is the musical offering from two lovers, who met on a dating app, formed a band and then decided to get married, all within the year. They both proposed to each other, equally and collaboratively. Imogen Grist of Babitha and Marcus Gordon of Spookyland are drawing on iconic musical lovers, such as Lee and Nancy, Sonny and Cher, and Emmylou and reinterpreting what is means to be in love, and then to write about it.

Every line delivers care, contemplation and consideration, discussed in the only way that lovers can. I love you is the band's debut and is a "naked investigation into the spectacle of love, where the loveliness and the ugliness of the other is met with surrender." Shot by Mclean Stephenson, the couple's desire is reflected though the directorial intimacy and rawness, creating a vulnerability that is relatable to anyone who has ever been in love.

Dancing in black and white (the way we should remember love in our memories), the couple’s eyes pierce the camera’s lens mirroring intensity and honesty within the song. The dreamy country inspired track, swimming in reverb whilst presenting clarity, asks lovers to confess their sins in order to create a deeper bond. Lyrically, this honest depiction of love allows for the shadows and darkness within our souls whilst facing asking for acceptance from the person we love. Nothing is perfect within this modern world but ‘love is just what it means.’

Watch the official music video for Beth and Blue's I Love You, below.


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