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Hope springs eternal with these spring-inspired candles

spring candles

The rain clouds outside our windows may be peddling a different story, but it's officially spring. Honestly, we had hoped for a more glorious entrance into the season; having nursed visions of chirping birds and budding flowers for months. At this point I'd even accept a light bout of hayfever if it meant finally seeing the back of winter.

In any case, until the weather decides to catch up with the season, we'll be taking matters into our own hands. Just as we did with our favourite winter candles, were turning to the light to shake off the cold and simulate spring. That means bright, energising scents, with ingredients drawn directly from mother nature herself.

Florals are the most obvious choice, but beyond bouquets of neroli, iris and violet, we're also reaching for transportive scents like freshly cut grass, pine and petrichor. Lighter citrus like bergamot works well too, as does those spiked with herbaceous notes such as basil or coriander. All we know is that it's time to pack away your palo santo, patchouli and vetiver, and select one of these scents instead. Below, we present our favourite candles to put a little spring in your step.

FORNASETTI Ortensia Candle

A notoriously difficult candle to pin down, but one that captures spring in every sense of the word. I was gifted the Ortensia Candle for my birthday one year, and had to ban myself from lighting it every day, lest it burn out in one week. Normally I'm not one for floral scents, but the combination of ivy, iris, orange blossom, sandalwood and musk stirs something inside me.


D.S & DURGA Bergamot Superior

A candle inspired by the experience of being transported. For imagine, deep in the north near Lake Superior stumbling upon wild bee balm, its scent conjuring up memories of summers in Italy. Bee balm is spicy like oregano with a hint of bergamot, and this candle smells faintly of cooling lake water too. Evocative of spring hikes capped off with a plunge inside the nearest lake.


LE LABO Verveine 32

We've never met a Le Labo fragrance we didn't love and Verveine 32 is no different. Makrut lime leaves form the uplifting backbone of this scent, which is only fortified by the sparkly notes of violet and eucalyptus' earthiness. Lighting this is a hopeful gesture for any home in need of an energy cleanse.


BYREDO Cotton Poplin

spring candles

A classic, as far as candles go. This one from Byredo kindles the smell of fresh sheets sun-dried and crispy, or the comforting presence of a linen shirt thrown over wet bathers. Soft cedar and musk is spiked with chamomile and lemon for this alert, yet gentle option.



spring candles

A rose scent leaps and bounds above the rest. This one is heavy with the olfactory cues of late spring. What else is there to say, besides that this is a worthy addition to your lineup of home fragrances.


MAISON MARGIELA Springtime in a Park

spring candles

More than anything else, it's the name of this candle that vouches for it as the perfect companion for spring. Sweet pear works in tandem with delicate jasmine and lily of the valley for a subtle, clean, fragrance suited to small spaces and homes.



spring candles

For many of us, any tomato-related scent falls under the summer heading. But given its crunchy green character punctuated by white tea and honeysuckle, we feel it's a strong contender in the spring category too.


AESOP Callippus

spring candles

Re-centre and set new intentions with this Aesop candle.Earthy and peppery shiso leaf stands up to the commanding presence of frankincense and guaiacwood. Despite, the heady scents of the latter two ingredients, Callippus is a surprisingly green fragrance.

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