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Our favourite mushroom lamps to set the perfect mood lighting at home

Overhead lighting sucks. It feels like you're in a hospital – probably at the deathbed of any kind of vibe you may be trying to curate in your space. But for those of us invested in lighting, it's not as simple as just buying the closest accessible table lamp. Just like fashion aesthetics come and go – lamps and lighting paraphernalia are also subject to trends. Noguchi pendant Akari lamps have seen a significant resurgence in the last few years, as have colourful LED lighting. But one trend we've fallen hard for is the mushroom lamp. Sensually smooth and curvaceous, it's at once minimal and a statement piece, available in plenty of punchy hues, contrasting sizes and quirky designs.

If your'e not sure where to start, check out our guide to the best mushroom lamps available in Australia right now.


Best vintage mushroom lamps

Our pick of the best vintage finds on the market and where to source your next legitimate and authenticated vintage mushroom lamp.


MURANO 'Mushroom' Lamp

MURANO 'Mushroom' glass vintage lamp

There probably isn't a mushroom lamp more iconic than the original Murano glass 'Mushroom' lamp, which are a real treat to add to your space. Available in a myriad of marbled glass colourways, their iconic shape and size are decorative as much as they are functional – and you can find a plethora of vintage ones available on websites like 1st Dibs, and occasionally on Australian vintage sites like Curated Spaces.

Price: $590 – $16,197 from 1st Dibs | Delivery: Shipping quotes can be found on each item's details page.


PEILL & PULTZER 'Mushroom' Lamp

Peill & Putzler was the 1940s merged studio of two prominent German glass makers, the older of which dates back as far as 1869. Illuminating Germany's post-war reconstruction, the brand is responsible for transforming lighting in the era from a pragmatic creation into an aesthetic art form. While their antique lamps are a pretty penny – and a little bit hard to come by – they are bound to be an instant conversation starter and an heirloom in your space.

Price: $1,181 from 1st Dibs | Delivery: Shipping quotes can be found on each item's details page.


Best designer mushroom lamps

Our pick of the best designer mushroom lamps for when you want that real-deal slice of design history in your home.


LOUIS POULSEN 'Panthella' Lamp

LOUISE POULSEN 'Panthella' mushroom lamp

The 1971 Louis Poulsen's 'Panthella' table lamps are one of the most popular designs to come from Verner Panton (considered one of Denmark's most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers). Made from chrome-plated and die-cast aluminium, the lamp is available in a multitude of colourways and sizes online, as well as plug-in and cordless options with dimmers. Owning one of these is like owning a little slice of mushroom lamp history, and they're a perfect statement piece to add to your space.

Price: $585 – $1,815 from SSENSE | Delivery: Free shipping to Australia on items priced over $450



Assembly Label and McMullin & Co. have recently come together to design these gorgeous rice paper lamps that, while perhaps not exactly mushroom in shape, are mushroom in feel. Contemporary and minimalist, they cast a dreamy, ambient light wherever placed in your home. The lamp is available for pre-order from 26 March, and will be available in stores from the 14 May.

Price: $250 from Assembly Label | Delivery: Free shipping to Australia and 30-day returns.


Best affordable mushroom lamps

Our pick of the best and most accessible mushroom lamps at affordable prices.



IKEA 'TOKABO' mushroom lamp

The Scandinavians were pretty pioneering in the lamp design space, so it makes sense that Swedish brand IKEA is a wellspring of inspiration and mushroom lighting options. While there are some more eclectic options like the DEJSA and the VARMBLIXT, the TOKABO is a classic, and its tiny size means that it fits into any nook or cranny in the home that needs an extra homey touch. Made from glass, it's a little more fragile than some of its alternatives, but it does mean that it projects its tiny light in all directions, making for a wonderfully warm addition to a room.

Price: $15 from IKEA | Delivery: Homeware deliveries start from $5


DENNIS DID IT 'Puffball' Lamp

Dennis Did it 'Puffball' mushroom lamp

Recreating the Italian design classic, the Nesso Table Lamp, the Puffball lamp from Dennis Did It is a more affordable and accessible way to incorporate your love of mid-century design into your home. Its neon orange acrylic outer means that it casts the most beautiful, sensual warm light, as well as being a touch of colourful decor even during the day.

Price: $165 from Dennis Did It | Delivery: Free shipping over $100


Best portable mushroom lamps

Our pick of the best on-the-go mushroom lamps that are cordless, portable and great for those hard-to-light areas around the home or outdoors.


HAY 'PC' Portable Lamp

HAY 'PC' Portable mushroom lamp

Another classic Scandinavian brand is HAY, who have stores in Melbourne and Sydney now too (in case you'd rather pick up your lamp in person). These portable, battery-operated lamps are great for picnicking, camping or alfresco dining, especially in situations where a candle just isn't going to do the job (Maybe you want a brighter light? Maybe the wind keeps blowing them out?). It makes for a wonderful and useful gift (I gifted one of these to a friend a few years), and comes in a range of simple and playful colourways to boot.

Price: $192 from HAY | Delivery: Standard delivery fee of $12


FLOS 'Residential' Portable Lamp

FLOS 'Residential' Portable mushroom lamp

Taking its namesake from the Latin word for 'flower', Italian homewares brand Flos has been crafting outside-of-the-box lighting since the early 60s. Collaborating with some of the world's most notable lighting designers, they design high-quality and captivating sculptural lamps – like this 'Residential' cordless lamp available in four neutral colourways. It's tall, thin silhouette contrasts with a more traditional curvy mushroom lamp, but offers the same mood-lit atmosphere as its counterparts.

Price: $192 from SSENSE | Delivery: Free shipping to Australia on items priced over $450


MAISON BALZAC 'Pomponette' Cordless Lamp

If you're looking for something a little moodier, that doesn't require beefing up your electricity bill, Maison Balzac's new Pomponette candle-lit lamp is a stylish way to enhance your room's ambience. Available in this glowing orange glass colourway, with adorable 3D polkadots, it's as simple as popping your favourite candle into the centre, striking a match, and placing the mushroom lid back on. You can up the sensory mood by placing a scented candle inside.

Price: $229 from Maison Balzac | Delivery: Free shipping to Australia on items priced over $150


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