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15 of the best indoor trees to illuminate your indoor garden

best indoor trees

"I love trees. I could do nothing for the rest of my life, just grow trees. The ancients believed the gods dwelled in them," are the iconic words uttered by Peter Wright (Robert Downey Jnr.) in classic 90s romcom Only You. Sat in a horsedrawn carriage in the fading hours of the night, wooing Marissa Tomei's Faith Korvatch, he can't help but express his love for trees. And, do you know what? Neither can we. Indoor trees are the older, taller, sturdier sibling of the indoor plant. They take up more room, filling a space with their offshoots and cultivating an impressive state of being. Stuck on what trees to invest in? We've rounded up 15 of the best indoor trees to add to your home.

1. Ming Aralia 

With its bonsai-like form and feathery texture, Ming Aralia re a welcome addition to any home. Ensure the soil is moist and be cautious of overwatering, with well draining soil also crucial. 

2. Birds of Paradise 

The large, lush leaves of Birds of Paradise are their allure. They make a statement. They are the moment. To thrive, the require bright sunlight and humidity, so an ideal plant for residents of Sydney and Queensland. 

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig 

A favourite for indoor trees, fiddle let figs suit all aesthetics from bohemian, colourful and icy spaces. Its worth nothing they don’t like a moist soil, yet also don’t like being too dry, so they are the Goldilocks of plants. Filtered sunlight will also do wonders. 

4. Weeping Fig 

The little sister of the Fiddle Leaf Fig, it also likes bright, indirect sunlight and fast-draining soil. Much like birds of paradise, they also appreciate a touch of humidity. 

5. Rubber Tree 

Rubber tree’s are the friend of those who don’t have the time to care for indoor trees. They like to keep to themselves, like a low maintenance house guest. Water once per week and leave them in a bright, sun-drenched space and they will take care of the rest. 

6. Dumb Cane 

With its two-tone leaves and ample colour, the Dumb Cane tree is best placed at the front of the home to make a statement, permitting bright, indirect lighting is offered. Water once a week as the topsoil dries. 

7. Citrus Tree

Bring a touch of Amalfi to your living room with the addition of a citrus tree. While they are one of the most functional indoor trees, they are also high maintenance, requiring humidity and lots of water to thrive. 

8. Money Tree

For a low-light environment, look to the money tree with its unique umbrella shape and ability to grow up to six feet – one for those with high ceilings. Only requiring a water once every one-to-two weeks, low maintenance is key with this variety. 

9. Bamboo Tree

Indoor bamboo trees are a touch on the high maintenance side, requiring more TLC than not. They require hours of sunshine to survive, so as long as they are in a well-lit area, your worries should be quashed. 

10. Majesty Tree 

An indoor palm brings a slice of the tropics to your home, if you’re craving a summertime escape. If you find they are growing too high, place your palms in lower lighting to slow their growth. Alternate if they are needing growth. 

11. Jade Plant 

While not technically a tree, the Jade plant is known for its tree-like appearance and spoon-shaped leaves. Part of the succulent family, it is easy to maintain and requires little care, ideal for beginners. 

12. Madagascan Dragon Tree 

Low maintenance and a joy to admire, the Madagascan Dragon Tree is an ideal plant to include in your home. They can last up to 10 years if well looked after, and as they drive in room temperature environments and don’t require direct sunlight, hopefully even a plant novice can make them last. 

13. The Yukka 

Not your standard shape or size, the Yukka tree has thick, woody stems and don’t require as much water as standard indoor trees. 

14. Ficus Tree

Ficus trees come in many shapes and sizes, some similar to fiddle leaf figs and others more free flowing. Requiring medium to bright light, don’t be alarmed if any leaves are shed from time to time. 

15. Lady Palm 

Of all the palms, Lady Palm requires the least amount of light. With multiple stems and thick branches, it is an injection of depth into spaces and can be kept in any room. 

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