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Sloe and steady — here are 7 of our favourite gins

Whether your heart lies with whisk(e)y or my personal achilles heel, agave spirits, I think we can all agree that as far as great cocktails go gin makes for the most versatile and delicious foundation. Stir it into a frosty mixing glass that's brimming with ice, add a dash of dry vermouth plus a lemon twist, and you've got a perfect martini. Top it up with some tonic, or soda if you prefer, garnish with citrus of your choice (don't forget the ice) and well, both are recipes for a stellar evening.

But before we get to either of these stages, it's necessary that we offer up a little space to the gin itself. After all, it's a wild world out there, what, with so many gins on the market. Not to mention all the jargon floating around toying with our brains, especially as we scan the aisles of our favourite bottle shops. And since some of us are still in the throes of another lockdown unable to ask a friendly bartender for help, we've compiled a list of 7 of the best gin distillers, both local and international, to consider for your next Friday night drink.


Never Never Distilling Co.

In just over four years, the folk behind Never Never Distilling Co. have managed to steal our hearts (and many a night) with their cracking range of gin. While every expression from the Adelaide-based distillery is a guaranteed hit, we keep coming back to its' Triple Juniper Gin - a classic London Dry style that's juniper forward, while still being bright and citrusy.




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As far as we're concerned, Beefeater is numero uno when it comes to gin that's versatile, affordable and most importantly, tasty. So much so, you're guaranteed to find it as the house pour behind any bar worth its salt. It breezily manoeuvres around a G&T, martini or a London Calling. And say what you will, Beefeater Pink is excellent when glugged into a blender with ice, lemon and a wee bit of sugar syrup.


Martin Miller's

If your love of gin solely revolves around an ice cold martini, then order Martin Miller's with a twist. Another London Dry style, Martin Miller's Original is pot distilled before being sent off to Iceland to be blended to strength using Icelandic spring water. It sounds like a marketing ploy, but no, they're not kidding. What you're left with is a vibrant, citrusy gin that makes a worthy addition to any home bar.


Four Pillars


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Every Four Pillars gin begins with grain sourced from Bomaderry on the south coast of NSW. What comes next is a variety of ten different botanicals starting, of course, with juniper and then introducing Australian natives like lemon myrtle, pepperberry, finger limes and quandongs to name a few. Trying Four Pillars for the first time? Why not start with its' classic Rare Dry Gin before moving onto the ever popular Bloody Shiraz Gin or a personal favourite, Four Pillars Navy Strength. Fair warning, the latter is overproof and is bound to get you in the mood sooner than you anticipated.




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Once again, when you can't support local it's always best to keep it classic. Nothing bellows classic more than Tanqueray. Made with the same four botanicals today that Charles Tanqueray first began using from the brands inception; namely, juniper, angelica root, liquorice and coriander seeds. Anyone that knows their way around a bottle of gin will concur that this makes for the most shining G&T — with a lime wedge of course!


Archie Rose

Archie Rose initially opened its doors in 2014 with only whisky on its mind; gin was to be distilled to keep the cogs turning as the whisky aged and they perfected the spirit. So we'd forgive you for thinking it was a gin distillery first — especially since their gin is no joke, specifically the Signature Dry Gin. In the same vein as Four Pillars, Archie Rose introduce a mix of fourteen traditional and native botanicals into its' base spirit such as Dorrigo plum, ethically sourced river mint, blood lime and lemon myrtle. The result? A herbaceous and fragrant gin that's at home in a Negroni.


Portobello Road Gin

Lift the mood and your spirit with Portobello Road Gin. Relatively new on the scene when compared to heritage gin distilleries in London dating back well before the 19th century, Portobello Road have nevertheless taken up space with its' refreshing take on all the classics. Sporting both an Old Toms style gin, saccharine and aged in an ex-sherry cask, and the more popular London Dry iteration, why not dodge both and opt for its Sloe Gin instead? Syrupy, made from cassis, and sloe berries from Burgundy, this expression makes for a delicious Charlie Chaplin. In fact, order one as soon as bars reopen!

As we wait for our cherished bars to fling open their doors (I'm looking at you Cantina OK!), why not settle in with our favourite wine delivery services in the meantime?

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