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The best face masks for 2020 according to a beauty editor

Whether craving 10 minutes of zen or targeting specific skin needs, beauty expert Elle Presbury shares the best face masks of the moment.

It has to be the instantly noticeable kind of effective for a product to reach high rotation (and not neglected at the back of my bathroom cupboard). Especially when it comes to face masks – a product that definitely doesn’t fall into my ‘necessary’ category.

I'll admit I'm low on the scale of try-new-things when it comes to beauty. However I do, courtesy of my job, have more skincare than most people I know. A lot that comes across my desk simply passes by, but a few make it into rotation, and even fewer get emptied.

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Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting mask from Sephora

It was at Fresh's press event where they described this mask as having a ‘cloud-like texture' that really made me want to try it. Smell and texture will always rate oddly high on whether or not I’ll use a product. That's how it started, but this mask instantly smooths the surface of your skin, so that's why it lasted. Once you wash it off the tiny little bumps and rough patches on your skin disappear, so if you run your hand upward on the surface of your skin it’s smoother than smooth. The mask smells like apples - a fruit whose texture is, well, cloud-like - and has a slight cooling sensation on the skin. The point being: I use this, I like it, I see results, I’m almost out and I’ll re-buy another one.

Rationale Immunologist mask

This boasts high concentrates of Niacinamide (an anti-inflammatory ingredient that strengthens the skin’s immune system and barrier function), Vitamin B5 (hydration, rejuvenation and wound healing) and Amino Acids (collagen production). But I think it’s purely the added Mica that makes a noticeable change in the skin (Mica being a mineral that adds ‘shimmer’ or ‘sparkle’ to cosmetics). It’s gold, with a gel-like texture that leaves your skin with a slightly blurred, glowing effect. Though technically skincare, I guess I treat it more like a primer? I’ll use it pre-event – on those rare occasions you have time to spare getting ready – and find it makes my skin and makeup appear more radiant, even and glowing.

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phoebe tonkin best face masks

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant

This smells like someone mixed Vegemite and soy sauce together, then asked you to smear it across your face. The brand does state this in their product description, but just be aware of before using. The formula is thick (really thick), so you’ll need more than usual to spread across your face and neck. Packed full of yeast extract this will help maintain overall 'skin integrity'. Think of it like a once-per-week skin maintenance routine, balancing the skin and keeping things like oil production and breakouts in check. It also contains Lactic Acid, a form of AHA that will soften and smooth the skin’s surface. I’d advise you to use it when you’re home alone, but to definitely use. Prevention is always better than a cure.