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Get glowing: how to get the perfect sunless tan for your skin type

Fake tanning

As we become increasingly more aware of the harmful effects of UV radiation, more and more of us are choosing to opt out of our time in the sun.

But just because we're avoiding the sun, doesn't mean we can't be bronzed and glowy. Sunless or fake tan options are only getting better and more accessible.

As such, perfecting the art of a sunless tan at home is a valuable skill to have. We spoke to St.Tropez tanning expert Michaella Bolder and asked her all our tanning questions.

She gave us her step by step guide to the perfect sunless tan application and shares the things she wished more people knew about sunless tans.


What do you think most people get wrong when using fake tan?

Most people will use a tanning solution not suited for their skin type. If you have dry skin opt for a hydrating solution such as Purity Vitamins Body Mist, Express Gel or Gradual Tan infused with Watermelon. The reason is because these products mentioned carry exclusive hydrating ingredients to care for your skin's health by adding a boost of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C & D components for a radiant skin booster.

Secondly, not understanding the importance of skin preparation. Really ensure you have a fresh clean and hydrated surface ready to apply a new layer of gorgeous tan.


What are your best tips for a perfect sunless tan? Is it about choosing the colour or is the secret in the application?

Step by step, here's what you need to do.

  1. Firstly remove all unwanted hair 24 hours before you want to tan, then prep your skin using an oil free exfoliator to dissolve old tan and prime your skin ready for a new application.
  2. Next is to choose the correct tanning formula for your skin's type and tone
  3. Moisturise all of your dry areas on your body and face. Men should add a few drops of facial oil over their beard to avoid tan settling in the pores, and this is the same rule for blonde eyebrows. Wipe over the hair afterwards with a baby wipe to remove any residue
  4. Use a clean tanning mitt and always apply the product to the mitt first UNLESS you are using the fabulous elongated spray mist from Purity Vitamins body which should be misted directly onto the skin 30cm away
  5. Working in long sweeping motions started on the arms and work down the body, leaving your hands and feet till last
  6. Once you have finished you can turn your mitt over and use the second mitt side to buff over the skin to blend the tan even further and help to create a flawless 3D sunless tanning effect.


For those that find tan settling in pores on the legs, rinse your skin in cold water before starting your process to close the pores first.

It's ok to buff your tan using a fresh tanning mitt... or black sock! This helps to blend the tan evenly into the skin.

Using Purity Vitamins Body Mist in the correct way! It was cleverly made to give you the easiest and invigorating application ever.. make sure you hold the spray nozzle down fully until the spray finishes then let go and press again, then see how easy it is to reach those hard to get areas such as your back!

Moisturise your skin all over everyday, this will keep your skin hydrated and your tan will be more vibrant for longer

Exfoliate your tan on day 3, using a gentle scrub or exfoliating gloves gently buff your body in the shower to stimulate natural cell turnover and buff any pesky dead cells that need to come off. This way you'll stay ahead of that tan break up

Remove all unwanted tan before you go in again.


Some people complain about a streaky finish or an orange look. How do you avoid these pit-falls when choosing a fake tan?

Skin preparation is vital when it comes to tanning, ensure you have removed all traces of old tan and buff away dead and dull skin cells that lay on the surface causing your tan result to appear uneven and only last a few days. Always apply an oil free hydrating moisturiser to your dry areas including hands, wrists, elbows, knees, feet and ankle (moisturise any other dry areas you may have) and use a clean tanning mitt to apply your fresh tan.

An orangey-finish can be a result of using a self tan that is too dark for your skin tone so choose wisely. So, medium or darker skin tones can opt for a dark or extra dark tan, lighter skin tones should use Purity Vitamins body mist or a gradual tan solution. Another fail for an orangey outcome could be that you are applying your tan over some previously left over tan on your skin.


What are the best things about opting for a sunless tan this summer?

A sunless tan offers your skin that healthy glowing tone that we all yearn for but without the compromise of causing UV damage to our skin.

As we know UV trauma causes both intrinsic and extrinsic damage to our skin cells and tissue, triggering premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, sensitivity, deep set lines and a faster ageing process long term.


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