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Pour it up: The best home coffee machines for every type of coffee lover

best coffee machines

For the caffeine dependant among us, the key to beginning any new day on the right foot is sipping on a great coffee. Now, I'm not one to judge how you prefer to consume your poison, (unless of course, you rely on a mocha to give you your buzz), but what I will say is that when it comes to coffee machines, it's certainly not one size fits all. Which, is why I've gone ahead and done the extremely pleasurable work of pulling together some of the best coffee machines on the market right now.

Whether you're a traditionalist who has the time and passion to create the complete barista experience at home, or are looking for a machine that delivers a cafe-quality brew at the touch of a button, you'll find all the best options, here.


1. Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine

best coffee machines

There isn't a lot not to love about the Lavazza Deséa Coffee Machine. One of its most alluring draw cards is how unbelievably easy it is to use. First and foremost, this is a pod machine, which is a massive tick for coffee lovers who either aren't experienced with grinding their own beans, or who simply don't have the time. The machine also boasts 'one touch' technology, which is a highly intuitive and incredibly user-friendly interface that allows you to prepare your coffee recipes with a single touch. You can choose from five milk-based recipes or four different coffee sizes; including cappuccino, large cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot or cold frothed milk or an espresso exactly as you would drink at a café.

Outside of its technical properties, the stylish and sleek nature of the Lavazza Deséa means it's great for any setting – from the office to your home. It's certainly a fan favourite in the RUSSH offices.


2. Breville Creatista Pro

I won't lie in that this is the exact coffee machine that lives in my home, but there are so many reasons why after far too many hours of research, this Breville was one of my top picks. The main tick for me – and others who live a similar lifestyle – is the unbelievable ease and convenience the Creatista Pro has to offer. As much as I love nothing more than a barista coffee in the morning, the fact of the matter is I simply don't have the time to grab one on my drive to work. This machine, with its nine customisable coffee settings and pod mechanisms does all the work for me.

The simultaneous coffee and milk preparation delivers barista style milk froth, while the designated hot water nozzle creates the perfect long black. The machine is incredibly intuitive, fitted with a 4.2" touchscreen that allows you to scroll through beverage options seamlessly and gives you the ability to create and save your coffee preferences to the menu.


3. Wolf & Miu Quindio Alba Pour Over Coffee Maker

best coffee machines

Milky, frothy coffees are not for everyone, but the good news is that the options available for those who prefer to brew their own coffee or like the simplicity of a 'drip' machine have never been so expansive. I'll admit, the aesthetic of this Wolf & Miu Quindio Alba Pour Over Coffee Maker is what caught my eye initially, but this drip machine isn't just about looks.

The Dripper is designed to be used with standard #2 or #4 cone filters, and the brewing process is suitable for all skill levels – whether you've only just made the switch, or are an experienced brewer. The Quindio comes with a 700ml ceramic server, which is accompanied by a lid that helps maintain the coffee’s temperature for longer. Which is great news for anyone not wanting to have to rush their morning coffee.


4. Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine

Did someone say integrated grinder? The Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Machine is a dream for anyone who is wanting to try their hand at making barista-grade espresso at home. The machine features a 15 bar espresso pump, a grinder with 30 grind settings and a steam wand so you can whip up frothy milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

Promoting a three-step process, the Barista Max Espresso Machine is equipped with all the necessary technologies of a cafe-style machines; including Temp°IQ Shot Control™, a 58mm group head and of course the famous Tap & Go™ technology which allows for an easy, on-demand one-touch grind system to deliver fresh beans for every cup.


5. Smeg Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Frother

best coffee machines

The magic of the Smeg Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Frother is all in its name. This machine makes your coffee from beans to finish with just the touch of a few buttons. It has an easy five-button operation and a professional 19-bar pressure which adds up to rich tasting coffee every time, and offers eight different functions – six for making coffee, one for hot water and another for steam – so you can be particular with creating the coffee taste that you love. Its sleek but highly-functional design is also great for smaller spaces where the quality of the coffee is important, but the extra 'baggage' just won't do.


6. Breville The Oracle Touch

Breville's The Oracle Touch definitely means business. Equipped with the 4 keys formula used by professional cafe machines, this machine will ensure you get the right dose of freshly ground beans, precise temperature control, optimal water pressure and true microfoam milk every time. Similarly to some of the other machines on this list, The Oracle Touch is equipped with automation at every stage – including the easy-to-use touch screen where you can select from existing coffees or create and personalise your preferred blend. If you're serious about cafe-quality coffee, this machine is for you.


7. DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro Matte Black

Some of us here, are traditionalists, which is where the DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro comes in to play. The brand describes the experience of using the machine as "preparing your coffee by hand, with a touch of technology;" which is the perfect way to explain who the La Specialista Maestro machine is made for. This is a manual coffee machine, fitted with Sensor Grinding Technology for consistent grinding texture, Smart Tamping Station to ensure coffee is correctly compacted and Active Temperature Control for precise thermal brewing stability for optimal extraction.

We wouldn't say this machine is the perfect match for beginner coffee makers or anyone short on time, but if the manual process of making your coffee each morning is integral to your routine, you would be hard pressed to find a better machine.


8. Moccamaster Classic

A tried and true classic, the Moccamaster Classic is the holy grail of coffee brewing machines. The machines features a heavy-duty copper boiler that maintains a constant 90 - 95 degrees celsius – a key element to balanced coffee brewing – and also features two temperature settings for the post-brew warming plate that will keep your coffee hot for up to 40 minutes. This machine also has the capacity to brew up to 1.25L of coffee, which is great news when you have company, and comes in 14 different colours to perfectly match your space. Plus, how cute is the jug?

If you're wanting to take your new machine for a test run, why not make a fresh batch of coffee for this delicious no-bake coffee, date and walnut slice?


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